Water Museum, Kiev

The most unconventional water museum of Ukraine is symbolically located in the dungeon of an ancient water tower. This construction was the main "poilitsa" of the city of Kiev more than 140 years ago!

It consisted of two 20-meter-high water towers and an underground reservoir with a capacity of 110 thousand buckets! And this is 1 million 350 thousand liters!

The author of this masterpiece was military engineer Amand Struve. By the way, this engineering genius also became famous for having created the first railway bridge across the Dnieper, the first electric tram in the Russian Empire and street gas lighting.

The interactive exhibition combines the features of a museum, a technical exhibition, and even a water park! The Museum of Water in Kiev invites guests to see a giant toilet bowl, visit the inside of a soap bubble, learn the secrets of an artesian well, independently change the river bed, watch the glaciers melt and rain is born, and even cause lightning with thunder!

You can touch all the exhibits with your own hands and even experiment with them! Here you can play with live fish, create giant soap bubbles and test all the units with your own hands!

The museum is located in the park in the building of the Water Information Center. On foot 10-15 minutes from the metro station "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" towards the European Square.

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