Independence Square, Kiev

Independence Square is the historical, spiritual and emotional heart of Kiev and all Ukraine, the place of the interbreeding of epochs and events, the center of historical cataclysms, joys and tragedies of our people.

It is interesting that in the XIX century on the site of the Independence Square there was a wasteland with the remains of defensive fortifications, and even earlier - the Goat Marsh.

The first name of the square was Kreshchatynskaya, it appeared in the 30-ies of the XIX century. Then, on the square, the City Duma building was built, and the square was called the Duma Square. In Soviet times, she managed to reproach the names of Kalinin and the October Revolution.

The modern name it received only in 1991 year, when Ukraine acquired Independence. The main reconstruction of the square was carried out in 2001 year. Then on the maidana there were monuments, fountains and a tall column with the figure of a girl holding a branch of the viburnum - the Monument of Independence of Ukraine.

And on the place where the remains of the ancient Lyadsky Gate, which served as part of the defensive fortifications of ancient Kiev, were found, today a monument is erected depicting a gate adorned with the figure of Archangel Michael.

Independence Square is visited by Kyivites and guests of the capital, various festivals, concerts, parades, and periodically rallies and protests. 

In 2004, Independence Square witnessed the Orange Revolution, and in 2013-2014, Ukrainians defended their rights here during the Revolution of Virtue.

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