Andrew's Descent

The business card of Kiev - Andreevsky Descent - convenient and shortest way, which for a long time connects the upper and central part of Kiev with the shopping Podol (only 720 meters). For visitors of the city it is interesting with numerous historical monuments and the largest souvenir market in Kiev.


The historical name of this place is Borichev, a carriage, or Borichev descent. From its very beginning, it was very narrow, uneven and uncomfortable.

With the descent, the saying "What has fallen, it's lost" is connected. Earlier at the top of the street was the customs. Since the duty was paid not for the quantity of the goods, but for each cart, the merchants piled more goods in the cart and drove to Podol. And since Andreevsky descent has a very strong bias, overloaded carts are often turned over, and the fallen goods were confiscated in favor of the treasury. That's really really: "What's fallen, it's gone."

The street was named after the St. Andrew's Church built in the middle of the 18th century. Another Andreevsky descent is called the Kiev Montmartre, many famous scientists, writers, composers, artists, sculptors lived and worked here. And now in the buildings along the street there are art galleries, workshops, exhibitions and theaters.

Andreevsky Descent is one of the most famous sights of the capital, there is the Museum of One Street, the Museum of the writer Mikhail Bulgakov (the House of Turbins), the monument to Prone Prokopovna and Golokhvastov (the film "For Two Hares"), the Kavaleridze memorial house-museum, Kokorevskaya gazebo, Podole, the theater "Wheel" and the castle "Richard the Lionheart" (House of Ghosts).

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