Cherkassy is a glorious land of the Cossack freemen and freedom-loving spirit, the land of the poet Taras Shevchenko. And yet this city is unique to the only Buddhist temple in White Lotus in Europe, the hyperboloid tower of Shukhov and even a mass of all sorts of wonders.


The city is located on the banks of the Kremenchug reservoir. on the site of an ancient Russian settlement, the basis of which was the Cherkassy fortress. Now here is the city park "Valley of the Roses".

One of the attractions of the park and all Cherkasy is a unique sundial, in which a silhouette of a crane serves as an arrow of a 15-meter dial, and 12 chairs arranged in a circle are numbers.

A modern work of art in the style of Street art - a 35-meter mosaic wall with portraits of Taras Shevchenko, Bohdan Khmelnitsky, Vasil Symonenko and almost 4 thousand ordinary citizens. If you move away from the wall at a certain distance, you can see how the phrase "WE are Cherkasy!" Will be formed from the smiles of people.

Popular among tourists and visitors of the city is the Kobzar Museum or a museum of one book - the ancient building of the House of Cybulski. In 1859, 26-year-old Taras Shevchenko was serving his pre-trial investigation in the house of his friends of the Cybulski brothers. The museum contains many original books by the Ukrainian genius, among which the first edition of the 1840 Kobzar takes a special place.

If you think that the water tower can not be an architectural masterpiece, then you are deeply mistaken. A unique openwork water tower with an altitude of 36 meters, built by an outstanding engineer Shukhov in 1914 year from steel structures, reminds the famous Eiffel Tower, it is included in all the guidebooks, after all, such towers in the world have survived only 13.

In Cherkassy is the only Buddhist temple in Europe, "White Lotus", the prototype of which was the temple in Laos. In archival documents there is an entry about a mysterious stone, which was found on the island of a lake in Cherkassy. On the stone was depicted the Buddha ... Today this find is one of the attractions of the temple. At the entrance to the cell - the figures of soldiers brought from Tibet. The Buddhist temple in Cherkassy is a place for studying martial arts and conducting tea ceremonies. Such ceremonies, and also wedding ones, can be seen on weekends.

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