The National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Kachanovka", picturesquely spread outand the bank of the Smosh River in the Chernigov region, - is a vivid example of manor architecture and cultural center of its time.

The reserve in Kachanovka was created in 1981 on the basis of the palace ensemble and the park of the noble estate of the famous Russian commander Count Peter Alexandrovich Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky.

Ukrainian architect Maxim Mostsepanov commissioned the Count to erect a magnificent palace in a romantic style and set up a magnificent park.

The heyday of Kachanovka begins from the year 1824, when the estate was taken over by the landlords and patrons of art Tarnovsky. Vasily Tarnovsky turned this picturesque corner into a real architectural and artistic gem. In the halls of the palace music always sounded, the rooms were filled with the spirit of art, on the walls hung icons and paintings of great artists of the world, such as Raphael and Rubens.

To date, the area of ​​the manor park, which has up to a hundred ponds, is 600 hectares. Among the masterpieces of palace and park art are the slides of Love and Fidelity, the "romantic" ruins on the shore of the Great Pond, the gazebo with the grotto of Mikhail Glinka. The left facade part of the palace, the grand dining room and the "Flashlight" room were restored, in which the Ukrainian painter-landscape painter Vasily Sternberg lived.

The manor in Kachanovka always attracted creative people. In addition to Vasily Sternberg, who wrote his best works here, he worked on the opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila" in Kachanovka, Mikhail Glinka, wrote the picture "Vechernytsia" by Ilya Repin, the Ukrainian Kobzar Taras Shevchenko came to stay here.

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