Nest over grouse. Berdichev - Zhytomyr

Attractions of Zhitomir can be listed endlessly. This is an ancient city, the wealth of history of which looms here in every building, in every street, in every monument.

We recommend you interesting places in Zhytomyr and the Polesie region, which you should visit first:

- the Monastery of the Barefoot Carmelites in Berdichev, consecrated by the Pope;

- Church of St. Barbara, in which Honore de Balzac was married;

- manors and parks of sugar-growing Tereshchenko;

- Chatsky's head - a rock in the form of a face on the shore of Teterev;

- one of the highest pedestrian suspension bridges in Ukraine;

- Water tower - Zhitomir Pisa;

- Himmler field rate "Hagevald";

- Russian and Polish Necropolis;

- the only museum in Ukraine of the ancient tool "Craft yard".

We will walk together interesting places of Zhitomir and Berdichev, get acquainted with their main sights, each of which is a window in a certain historical epoch.

In the program of the tour: railway transportation, transport and excursion services, excursions around Berdichev and Zhytomyr, master classes, museums, beer tasting.


Zhytomyr - Berdichev - Verkhovnya - Kazatin

Duration of the tour

2 day



Type of tour


Excursion program

               Departure from Kharkov to Berdichev by train number 127 (on even days) at 16-37

1 day Arrival in Berdichev in 5-51. Meeting the group at the station. The beginning of the excursion program.

Berdichev... "Ukraine begins in Berdichev" - this is what Honore de Balzac said about this city. The visiting card of the city is the magnificent monastery (Catholic monastery-castle) of the Discalced Carmelites, built on a hill above the river in 1627 in the Baroque style. It kept the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which later perished during a fire. Now in the sanctuary of the church there is a copy of it, crowned by Pope John Paul II.

Barefoot Carmelite Monastery 2 Barefoot Carmelite Monastery 3

No less famous is the spectacular Baroque Church of St. Barbara, where in 1850 the famous French writer Honore de Balzac married his beloved Evelina Hanska. One of the Hasidic leaders, Tzadik Levi Yitzhak, is buried in Berdichev. The grave of the Berdichev rabbi is a place of pilgrimage for Hasidim all over the world.


If you wish, you can visit Museum of Joseph Conrad in Berdichev, a museum of Jewry, beer tasting at the Berdichevsky brewery.
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Further we can offer 2 a variant of the development of the excursion program:

1 option

The estates of the richest people in Podillya - the family of the "sugar king" Tereshchenko:

There are many legends about the wealth of the Tereshchenko family - the owners of sugar refineries in the Russian Empire. For example, that the floor in their estates was lined with gold coins, but in order not to walk on the imperial face, they were placed on the edge. One can imagine how much gold would be spent on such a "parquet". Or that when the emperor was visiting the sugar refiners, he was rolled on a sleigh over sugar, like in the snow.

Palace in Chervon. Impressive, albeit dilapidated construction in the Gothic style with characteristic towers and lancet windows was built by the magnate A.Groholsky. And at the end of the XIX century. passed into the possession of sugar growers Tereshchenko.

palace Palace 1 2

The palace in Andrushevka. The white building in the neo-Renaissance style is located above the swan pond and is surrounded by a park with old trees, among which there are rare representatives of the flora. In the XVII century. The estate belonged to the Polish family of Berzhinsky, but in 1869, the sugar king Tereshchenko bought a sugar factory here, and with it the estate.

palace 2 pals 2 2

2 option

Excursion to the Verkhovna. It is famous and interesting because it was inhabited by Evelina Ganskaya, beloved Balzac, who also spent several years in this place. In Verhnea we will see the Gansky palace complex in the Empire style, in the halls of which now stands the Honore de Balzac Museum, the wing, the family tomb of the Ghanaian and Rzhevussik family, the wine cellar is the pivnica.

"I saw a small Louvre, a Greek shrine gilded by the setting sun," such were the first impressions of Balzac from the estate of Countess Ghana. "It's hard to imagine what kind of spaces here, what fertile land is here, which is never fertilized and on which wheat is sown every year" - later he wrote to his sister Lori Surville. After the wedding with Evelina Ganska Balzac wrote: "I married a single woman who loved, which I love even more than before, and will love until death ..."

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Transfer to Zhitomir. Check-in to the hotel.

Zhytomyr Not just because of the name of this ancient town there are roots "zhito" and "world". Anyone who has fallen for the first time in this cozy, green city immediately falls in love with him. Zhytomyr in the old days managed to visit the capital city of Rzeczpospolita and the Ukrainian People's republic. Here, the European roads, historical orbits and the life paths of many famous people were intertwined and intertwined: from ancestors Marxism-Leninism - to Ukrainian figures national liberation the movements of Olzhych and Lypynsky; from the "Engineer of the Universe" Queen - to the "pianist of the twentieth century" Richter; from the English writer Joseph Conrad - to the Ukrainian writer - the humanist Korolenko. Through Zhitomir is the famous Via Regia or the "Royal Way", here is the oldest theater in Ukraine and a huge ramified system of underground galleries.

Zhytomyr Water tower

Sightseeing tour "Picturesque Zhitomir": Castle Hill, Magistrate, shopping arcade, St. Sophia Cathedral 1737 g, Maidan of Victory, Cathedral of the Transfiguration Cathedral - the largest cathedral of Right-Bank Ukraine, geological monument "Chatsky's Head", Zhytomyr Canyon, dam and suspension bridge on the Teterev River, one of the symbols of the city - Water Tower - a relative of the Leaning Tower, Old Boulevard, Baron Chaudhuar's Park, monuments to Pushkin and John Paul II, a monument to the Queen and a monument to Heroes of Heaven Hundreds on the Maidan Queen.


In the evening we offer tourists a walk along the Old Boulevard, on the pedestrian Mikhailovskaya street to the Mikhailovsky Cathedral and other sights of the city, to taste local beer in the "Korolev pub"

Uzor NU

2 day Breakfast. Choose one of the fascinating thematic excursions around Zhytomyr:

- Excursion "15 love stories" tells the guests the romantic stories of the love of the city over Teterev: the patroness of Zhytomyr - Saint Anastasia-Romlyana, the legends of the house-heart, the love stories of Franz Liszt and Princess Wittgenstein, Ivan Turgenev and Pauline Viardot, Honore de Balzac and Evelina Ganska, Diana de Poitieu and Henry II. On this excursion you will also learn about the Zhytomyr love adventures and sufferings of Svyatoslav Richter, Alexander Dovzhenko, Alexander Kuprin, Nikolay Berdyaev, Blok's wife and Mendeleev's daughter, Zoya Gaidai and the Marquise de Montespan. And this is not all ...

1 3

- Excursion "Zhytomyr of the Second World War". On Zhitomir's share, inhuman suffering fell out in the past war, the city was subjected to periodic deadly air strikes, hundreds of thousands of Jews were shot and a Jewish ghetto was created, prisoners of war were functioning. Visiting Himmwald's field rate, created in 1941 by ethnic Germans, attended by many top ranks of the Third Reich - Hitler's State Secretary Dr. Lammer, Foreign Minister Ribbentrop, Himmler and Hitler himself. A secret reinforced concrete bunker and an airway underground communication tunnel at 11-meter depth.

2 4

- excursion "Necropolis of Zhitomir". The Orthodox Vil Cemetery is a unique monument of history and culture, monumental art. This necropolis, like an open stone book, tells us about unusual personalities who found peace here in the XIX century: Pushkin and Gogol's friend Zhitomir Postmaster Sherzhinsky, local philanthropist Roshe, the grave of the only daughter of the outstanding philosopher N. Berdyaev. But on another no less interesting cemetery - Polish - many outstanding representatives of the Catholic faith are buried. Not for nothing because Zhytomyr was called the capital of the Poles in Ukraine, the largest Polish diaspora lived here. Cemetery known for the related burials of the Dombrovsky, Moniuszko, Chatsky dynasties. Here are the tombs of the first Polish aviator Matsievich, world famous pianist Juliusz Zarembski, and other prominent figures of Polish culture.

- Excursion "Jews in Zhitomir".  Each town Zhytomyr edge, more or less, but connected with the history of Jewry and given at least one interesting person. The roots of many outstanding sons this people grew on a fertile soil Zhytomyr region. Zhytomyr is the birthplace of the outstanding Jewish writer and political figure Chaim Nachman Bialik; an outstanding scientist-physicist, laureate of the Peace Prize, academician Vladimir Veksler; avant-garde artist Abram Shterenberg; writer Leo Nikulin; the scientist-chemist Mikhail Usanovych; Academician Vladimir Frolkis. Here lived, studied and worked Leonid Rabinowicz (Volynsky), Sasha The black (Alexander Glikberg), Israel Blank (Vladimir's grandfather Lenin) and many others.

Also interesting Zhytomyr offers its guests:

- Excursion to the Space Museum S.P. The queen (mock-ups of the Soyuz and Lunokhod-2 spaceships, the original of the Soyuz-27 launch vehicle, the Moon-filled capsule donated by NASA, and other unique exhibits);

- a master class on the manufacture of a space rocket;

- an excursion to the memorial house-museum of S.P. Queen;

- visit to the Questum (program "Harry Potter");

- rest in the water park "Royal Barrel";

- Excursion to Zhitomir creamery "Rud";

- Museum of the ancient tool "Craft yard" (unique in Ukraine, more than 500 exhibits representing different professions, from machine tools and machines to axes and hammers);

- Active rest in the rope park "Monkey Park".

- flying in a hot air balloon in the aviation club "Aviatik"


Moving to Kazatin. The business card of the city is the Kazatin railway station. This unique monument of architecture and one of the most beautiful railway stations of the country is called the "White steamer".

Departure from Kazatin by train number 138 in 20-29.

Arrival in Kharkov in 7-52.

The cost per person in UAH.

group / hotel / tour 10 + 1 15 + 2  16 + 1 18 + 2 27 + 3 35 + 4 40 + 4 45 + 5
hotel economy
(hostel or convenience on the block)
3250 2850 2750 2650 2550 2500 2450 2350
Hotel 2 *
(2-3-bedded rooms with private facilities in the room)
3450 3050 2950 2850 2750 2700 2650 2550
Hotel 3 *
(2-3-bedded rooms with private facilities in the room)
3650 3250 3150 3050 2950 2900 2850 2750


railway pass (reserved seat), ticket booking, transport and excursion service according to the program, accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category, meals according to the program, medical and accident insurance.


  • The route of the tour can be adjusted at will of the customer.
  • The tour is valid for groups of 6 people.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects, master classes, theatrical performances, optional excursions, etc. extra charge.
  • The cost of the tour can vary depending on the fluctuations in fuel prices, the season, the level of the hotel, the program, the number of people in the group. Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • A miscalculation of the tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov is possible.


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