Annals of the Drevlyan land. Zhytomyr - Korosten - Ovruch - Polessky Nature Reserve

Drevlyanska land attracts tourists with a unique combination of the unique Polesie natural landscape and rich historical and cultural heritage.

In this tour you will see an ancient and modern chronicle of the Drevlyanska land:

- numerous manors of the sugar king Tereshchenko;

- picturesque monuments of the city over the Teteriv of Zhitomir;

- The only museum in Ukraine of precious and decorative stones;

- Stone Village - Ukrainian Stonehenge;

- Slovene-Ovruch Ridge and Polesie Reserve;

- "Mecca of climbers" at the Teterevsky reservoir;

- the park of Count Olizar in Korostyshiv and Drevlyansky Park in Korosteni;

- Radomysl Castle is one of the most significant cultural projects of our time.

There are many pages and many volumes in this Drevlyane chronicle. Which one will you discover?

In the program of the tour: railway transportation, transport and excursion services, excursions around Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr, Polessky State Reserve, State Prison "Kamennoye Selo", lunch and master classes in the authentic Polesskaya hut, climbing wall, castles, reservoirs, quarries, palaces, manors, museums, parks , military facilities.


Berdichev - Zhitomir - Novograd-Volynsky - Khoroshev - Korosten - Olevsk - Ovruch - Denishi - Korostyshev - Radomyshl - Letichev - Khmilnik - Starokonstantinov

Duration of the tour

2-3 days



Type of tour


Excursion program

               Departure from Kharkov to Berdichev by train number 127 (on even days) at 16-37

1 day Arrival in Berdichev in 5-51. Meeting the group at the station. The beginning of the excursion program.

Berdichev... "Ukraine begins in Berdichev" - this is what Honore de Balzac said about this city. The visiting card of the city is the magnificent monastery (Catholic monastery-castle) of the Discalced Carmelites, built on a hill above the river in 1627 in the Baroque style. It kept the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which later perished during a fire. Now in the sanctuary of the church there is a copy of it, crowned by Pope John Paul II.

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No less famous is the spectacular Baroque Church of St. Barbara, where in 1850 the famous French writer Honore de Balzac married his beloved Evelina Hanska. One of the Hasidic leaders, Tzadik Levi Yitzhak, is buried in Berdichev. The grave of the Berdichev rabbi is a place of pilgrimage for Hasidim all over the world.


If you wish, you can visit Museum of Joseph Conrad in Berdichev, a museum of Jewry, tasting beer at Berdychevsky Brewery.

Moving from Berdichev to Zhitomir. On the way, we will get acquainted with the estates and castles of the richest people of Podillya - the family of the "sugar king" Tereshchenko:

There are many legends about the wealth of the Tereshchenko family - the owners of sugar refineries in the Russian Empire. For example, that the floor in their estates was lined with gold coins, but in order not to walk on the imperial face, they were placed on the edge. One can imagine how much gold would be spent on such a "parquet". Or that when the emperor was visiting the sugar refiners, he was rolled on a sleigh over sugar, like in the snow.

Palace in Chervon. Impressive, albeit dilapidated construction in the Gothic style with characteristic towers and lancet windows was built by the magnate A.Groholsky. And at the end of the XIX century. passed into the possession of sugar growers Tereshchenko.

palace Palace 1 2

The palace in Andrushevka. The white building in the neo-Renaissance style is located above the swan pond and is surrounded by a park with old trees, among which there are rare representatives of the flora. In the XVII century. The estate belonged to the Polish family of Berzhinsky, but in 1869, the sugar king Tereshchenko bought a sugar factory here, and with it the estate.

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Transfer to Zhitomir. Check-in to the hotel.

Zhytomyr Not just because of the name of this ancient town there are roots "zhito" and "world". Anyone who has fallen for the first time in this cozy, green city immediately falls in love with him. Zhytomyr in the old days managed to visit the capital city of Rzeczpospolita and the Ukrainian People's republic. Here, the European roads, historical orbits and the life paths of many famous people were intertwined and intertwined: from ancestors Marxism-Leninism - to Ukrainian figures national liberation the movements of Olzhych and Lypynsky; from the "Engineer of the Universe" Queen - to the "pianist of the twentieth century" Richter; from the English writer Joseph Conrad - to the Ukrainian writer - the humanist Korolenko. Through Zhitomir is the famous Via Regia or the "Royal Way", here is the oldest theater in Ukraine and a huge ramified system of underground galleries.

Zhytomyr 1

Sightseeing tour "Picturesque Zhitomir": Castle Hill, Magistrate, shopping arcade, St. Sophia Cathedral 1737 g, Maidan of Victory, Cathedral of the Transfiguration Cathedral - the largest cathedral of Right-Bank Ukraine, geological monument "Chatsky's Head", Zhytomyr Canyon, dam and suspension bridge on the Teterev River, one of the symbols of the city - Water Tower - a relative of the Leaning Tower, Old Boulevard, Baron Chaudhuar's Park, monuments to Pushkin and John Paul II, a monument to the Queen and a monument to Heroes of Heaven Hundreds on the Maidan Queen.


In the evening we offer tourists a walk along the Old Boulevard, on the pedestrian Mikhailovskaya street to the Mikhailovsky Cathedral and other sights of the city, to taste local beer in the "Korolev pub"

Uzor NU

2 day Breakfast. Free day.

One of the out-of-town excursions is optional:

- Novograd-Volynsky *. Fthe picturesque landscapes of Polissya, the remains of an ancient Russian settlement. The largest military fortification facility in the Zhytomyr region was the Novohrad-Volyn fortified region (NOVOUR) No. 7.Its length was 120 kilometers, in it was built 216 long-term facilities (DOT). Offers grandiose fortifications at a depth of 10-15 m, hundreds of meters of underground corridors and mines, machine guns and artillery bunkers, armored hood, remnants of field boiler houses and kitchens.

s DSC0685 Mezentsev Palace

Literary - memorial museum of Lesya Ukrainka in Novograd-Volynsky recreates the life of the Kosach family in Zvyagel (the name of the city until the end of the 18th century): documents, pictures, photographs, books, furniture of those times, personal belongings of Lesya Ukrainka, relics of the Kosach family.

- Horoshev - Korosten * Horoshev.  The fate of M. Kutuzov, commander of the Podolsk army in Khoroshev, his estate in Goroshki, Kutuzovsky Park and a monument to the commander, the grave of the princes of Trubetskoy.

Visiting the only one in Ukraine museum of precious and decorative stones: more than 1500 exhibits of decorative and precious stones and products from them, including Stone, brought from distant exotic countries, stone pegmatites, mineral pyrophyllite, Samples of Volyn amber of the Klesovskoye deposit, a huge beryl - the largest sample in Ukraine and the most expensive exhibit of the museum, crystals of rock crystal, citrine, morion, topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, fluorite.

Korosten Historical evidence of the ancient Istroenia - the capital of the Drevlyans, the picturesque Drevlyansky Park, which annually hosts the International Festival of the Derun, the site of the chronicle Istorokenya, the monument to Derun, the bathhouse of Princess Olga, the monuments to Olga, Prince Malo, Malusha - the mother of Vladimir the Great, Dobryne, the Protection of the Mother of God, the most powerful (456 DOTs) and the longest (182 kilometer) The defensive line on the western border of the former Soviet Union - Korosten fortified area, military-historical complex "Skala", Korosten local lore museum.

unnamed Korsuno 002

- "Military Zhytomyrshchyna" *.  KorostenСThe strongest (456 DOTs) and the longest (182 kilometer) The defensive line on the western border of the former Soviet Union - Korostensky uprising.

Пadmission Вthe historical and historical complex "Skala" in Korosteni: the secret command post "Stalin's Bunker" (more than 30 rooms carved into a solid granite rock and capable of withstanding an explosion of a nuclear bomb already in the 30) still operating underground engineering communications, a large collection of finds of military ammunition during the 2 World War II, weapons and personal belongings of servicemen, unique breadboard models, declassified "top secret" documents and details of the construction of the Korosten fortified area, the only museum of gas masks in Ukraine. 

Stream. Tour on the abandoned positions of the missile division, the history of the creation and deployment of strategicnuclear missiles R-12 in 60-70 last century, the military positions of the missile division (repair and maintenance facilities, rocket fuel storage facilities, rocket storage, launch silo, launch padand.

- "Stone village - Ukrainian Stonehenge" *.  Olevsk. The name of the ancient city of Olevsk is associated with the name of Ovruch prince Oleg Svyatoslavovich, who lived and reigned here in the late 10th century. The stone church of St. Nicholas - a classic example of a fortified temple of the Ukrainian Middle Ages with walls of strataanother almost 2 meters and narrow window-loopholes, the Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, history the rebel army of the Ataman of Bulba-Borovets and the Olevskaya Republic.

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Excursion to The State Reserve "Kamennoye Selo" near Olevskoy. This Ukrainian Stonehenge is famous for its numerous outcrops on the surface of rocks and the remnants of rocky boulders of the glacial period, which in the process of weathering took the form of rural buildings: houses, cows, etc. However, the latest scientific evidence indicates a local, rather than a glacial, outgrowth of these megaliths. In addition to giants in the form of dwellings, there are other, no less original formations. The most famous of them is "God's Stone". After walking barefoot God's tracks, you need to make a wish, which, they say, will necessarily come true. And you can also check the degree of your sinfulness by trying to get through the gap between God and the Devil's stone. Righteous pass easily, sinners - can get stuck. 

- Slovechansko - Ovrutsky Ridge *. Ovruch - ancient Vruchiy, one of the most ancient cities of Russia. St. Basil's Cathedral in Ovruch XII century - one of the first churches in Ancient Russia, a monument to Prince Oleg Svyatoslavich, the history of the ascent to the throne of Prince Vladimir. Further along the entire journey, unique natural and historical monuments await us - burial mounds, landscapes of the Illimka River - a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List, a holy well, the tomb of Israel's tsadik Dov Ber, an apiary with honey tasting, a quartz pit, a sand pit with fossils of the Jurassic period , the Potocki estate, swampy forests and holy springs, the Moshchanitsa tract and the longest swamp in Europe.

- Polessky Reserve. The center of the Polesie State Reserve is in the village of. Selezevka. Walking tour of the reserve, acquaintance with the flora and fauna of Polesie, water mill, museum of Drevlyansky stones, Drevlyansky Kuren, Polissya Nature Museum, Crane bog, guerrilla dugout, traces of beasts and beaver dams.

- Letychiv - Khmilnik *. Letichevsky Castle Dominican monks: Sanctuary of the Letychiv Mother of God, the history of the miraculous icon, its no less prayerful copy, crowned by Pope Francis.

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hop-garden - the only family spa in Ukraine. The first mention of Khmelnik belongs to 1362 year. Palace of the Count Ksido, Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist, Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the Ukrainian Baroque style. It is possible to tour with a tasting at the brewery "Radoy", where the real beer is ripened, ripened, filtered, cooled and bottled.

- Samchiki - Starokonstantinov *.  Males. The palace and park ensemble "Samchiki" is called the Ukrainian Versailles. Now this well-preserved estate and the only French-style park in Ukraine have the status of a state historical and cultural reserve. The zest of the palace is a suite of rooms decorated with parquets, stucco moldings, and paintings, which are sometimes attributed to Vrubel's authorship. You will see the Roman Hall, the Japanese Cabinet, the Austrian piano of 1880, and in the chic park the Chinese House, the glacier and the pimp. In Samchiky, we will also get acquainted with the symbolic Samchikovskaya painting, no less beautiful than the famous Petrikovskaya.

Starokonstantinov Excursion to the museum "Old Konstantinov", which is located in the Starokonstantinovskaya (Sluch-Ikopotskaya) fortress, built in the 1612th century. princes of Ostrog. You will visit the fortress and see the private office of Konstantin Ostrozhsky, from the windows of which a panorama of Sluch opens. Ruins of the Church of Our Lady of Thunder in XNUMX and the Dominican monastery, a defensive tower of the XNUMXth century, a medieval well, underground passages. And in the church of St. John the Baptist of the XNUMXth century. you will get acquainted with the history of the order of the Capuchins and learn after whom the cappuccino drink was named.

There are also excursions to Vinnitsa, Khmelnitsky. Kamenets-Podolsky, Medzhybizh castle.


Uzor NU

3 day Breakfast.

What unusual and interesting can offer its guests Zhitomir:

- Excursion to the Space Museum S.P. The queen (mock-ups of the Soyuz and Lunokhod-2 spaceships, the original of the Soyuz-27 launch vehicle, the Moon-filled capsule donated by NASA, and other unique exhibits);

- a master class on the manufacture of a space rocket;

- an excursion to the memorial house-museum of S.P. Queen;

- visit to the Questum (program "Harry Potter");

- rest in the water park "Royal Barrel";

- Excursion to Zhitomir creamery "Rud";

- Museum of the ancient tool "Craft yard" (unique in Ukraine, more than 500 exhibits representing different professions, from machine tools and machines to axes and hammers);

- Active rest in the rope park "Monkey Park".

- flying in a hot air balloon in the aviation club "Aviatik"

One of the fascinating thematic excursions around Zhytomyr:

 - excursion "Polesskaya zdybanka". Our path lies in the village of Gorodskoyelocated in a picturesque place on the banks of the Teterev River. AT authentic Polissya house, which perfectly embodies the spirit of Polissya, you will feel the Polessie's homeliness, make beautiful photos with pets, taste the original dishes cooked according to the traditional Polesian recipes: the indispensable Polessye deruny, which is famous for Zhytomyr region, various pickles, lard and sausage, authentic Polissya borsch on wood, a snack from flax, vareniki with different fillings, local fillings and nibbles. Food for dinner will be served in handmade clay ware. Also you will find horse riding and workshops on the production of traditional Ukrainian lyalki-motanka.

- Denishi... Here, not far from Zhitomir, amid the riot of nature, the ruins of the palace of sugar magnates Tereshchenko rise with their three-tiered tower. A little further - the Trigorsky Monastery, the beautiful Teterevskoye Reservoir and the "Mecca" of climbers - tall granite rocks. The climbing wall in Denishi offers not only competitions for professionals, but also entertainment for beginners: instructing and teaching the basics of climbing under the guidance of experienced instructors, several slopes, from simple training, for beginners to more steep ones, where you can test your ultimate capabilities. Here you can relax among the forest needles, swim in the river, jump into the cool water from the granite rocks.

- Kmitov - Korostyshev.  In the village Kmitov is one of the best rural art museums in Ukraine, bearing the name of its founder - Josip Bukhanchuk. For a long time this museum was the only State Art Museum of Zhytomyr. The museum can boast of a unique collection of works of Soviet art, in particular in the style of socialist realism.

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Korostishev. Excursion to the Park of Count Gustav Olizar: the front gate, the fountain "Naked Bather", the ancient library building, the sculpture of Jesus Christ and other strange sculptural works. The building of one of the oldest teachers' seminary in Ukraine, Skala Felinsky and beautiful Teterev landscapes, rocks and monuments of geology of the times of glaciation. Korostyshevsky quarry with incredible emerald water.

- Radomyshl.  Radomysl Castle - this is one of the most ambitious historical and cultural projects implemented in Ukraine during the years of independence, withan unprecedented cultural and historical component. A unique architectural structure of the XVI-XIX centuries, built on a granite rock. The ceremonial ritual hall in the style of the Ukrainian Baroque,Refectory with classical and medieval cuisine, conference halls, Hetman Hall, the Great Covered and Summer Terrace, a collection of military maps and rarities of Cossack time. The first paper mill in Ukraine, gthe main pride of the castle - The only museum in the world of the Ukrainian home icon, the collection of which has more than 5000 icons of the XVII - XX centuries. from all regions of Ukraine.

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Impressive and the park part of the castle: nA natural landscape park-museum with an area of ​​2 ha with two islands - about. Love and Fr. Happiness - and two natural waterfalls. Alternative summer areas (about 2000 sq. M.) For eventful and active tourism. Lake, unique irisarium, boats, crossbow shooting range. The only Chapel in Ukraine with the icon of the Virgin with the Rainbow, located on top of the 30-meter Tower. Sculpture park.


Depending on the chosen tour, departure by train 128 or 138 from Berdichev, Kazatin, Fastov, Shepetivka, White Church, Kiev, Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa.

              Return to Kharkov in the morning

The cost per person in UAH.

on request


railway pass (reserved seat), ticket booking, transport and excursion service according to the program, accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category, meals according to the program, medical and accident insurance.


  • The route of the tour can be adjusted at will of the customer.
  • The tour is valid for groups of 6 people.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects, master classes, theatrical performances, optional excursions, etc. extra charge.
  • The cost of the tour can vary depending on the fluctuations in fuel prices, the season, the level of the hotel, the program, the number of people in the group. Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • A miscalculation of the tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov is possible.


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