From Podillia to the Black Sea. Palaces and parks, deserts and lakes

And also GOK, HPPs, chocolate factories, fortresses, arboretums, caves, reservoirs, river rapids, thermal pools, ancient burial mounds, menhirs, tracts, pre-Christian temples and Proterozoic rocks.

All the beauty, power and diversity of our country in one round:

- Grandiose industrial careers of Krivoy Rog;

- A ball of hundreds of thousands of tulips in Kropiwnicki;

- Dams of the Kremenchug reservoir;

- Miracle of Ukraine - Sophia dendrological park;

- Oleshkovskaya Sich and the largest desert of Europe;

- Potocki's magnificent palace and Tobilevich's manor;

- The Miségian rapids of the Southern Bug;

- Exampee - the sacred center of the Great Scythia;

- Alley Mengirov "Mezhevye stones" and the grotto "Devil's Cave";

- The secret nuclear facility and the largest lighthouse in Ukraine.

We invite you to an exciting journey through Ukraine! The passing warm wind of the steppes and a cool sea breeze call us on the road!

In the program of the tour: railway travel from Kharkov, transport and excursion services, accommodation in Kropiwnicki in a comfortable hotel, meals, excursions to Kropiwnicki, Krivoy Rog, Kremenchug, Uman dendro-park. reserve "Khutor Nadezhda", SPE "Oleshkovskie sands", alloys on catamarans, master classes.


Krivoy Rog - Kropivnitsky - Sofievka - Nechaevka - Rozumivka - Alexandria - Kremenchuk - Tulchin - Oleshki - Uman

Duration of the tour

3 day


hotels to choose from in Kropiwnicky



Type of tour


Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov to Krivoy Rog by train No. 375 in 20-04

1 day Arrival to Krivoy Rog in 7-49. Meeting the group. Breakfast.

Sightseeing tour of Krivoy Rog. We begin the tour near of the monument to Cossack Rogu - the brand of the city. Cossack Horn is a legendary figure with whom the foundation of the city is associated. This character is immortalized in stone near the building of the City Council. Under the largest flower clock in Europe is located 3D-video gallery of the Krivoy Rog Historical and Local History Museum. Here you will learn about the history and modern life of the city from fascinating videos presented in 3D format. The iron heart of Kryvyi Rih is rightfully considered quarry of the Southern Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise.  This is a unique and impressive sight created by the hands of miners. On a specially equipped observation deck, you can see all its grandeur and beauty. Getting behind the scenes of the mining industry will help you get down to the working career horizon.

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Possible visit to mYuzhny Mining and Processing Enterprise "and the geopark.

In honor of its 60 anniversary, the Southern Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise created a remarkable museum of industrial subjects, collecting a large number of original exhibits, historical information, remarkable mock-ups of technology demonstrating the beauty and power of miners' work. The contemplation of the impressive installation of the company's career will not leave anyone indifferent.

Transfer to Kropiwnicki, accommodation in the hotel.

Sightseeing tour of Kropivnitsky. Kropyvnytskyi (Elisavetgrad, Kirovograd) - the steppe "capital" of Ukraine: old architecture of the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries, the Elizabethan fortress, ramparts and a military memorial cemetery, theater. Kropyvnytsky, B. Khmelnitsky Square, Transfiguration Cathedral, Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Great Choral Synagogue, monuments to Mark Kropyvnytsky, Bohdan Khmelnitsky, T. Shevchenko, V. Vinnichenko.

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Military City - Settlement of the Novorossiysk Cavalry Corps of XIX century: Nikolaev Palace, barracks, staff building, archive, hospital, stables, riding school, training complex.

Free time. It is possible to visit the Museum of History and Development of Aviation, the museum of M.Kropivnitsky, the art museum of local lore, the museum of the history of Ukrainian choreographic art, the A.Tarkovsky Museum, the 3th Special Forces' Cyborg Regiment Museum.

Visit dendropark in Kropiwnicki - one of the most popular recreation places for the townspeople. In 2008 it was named the best park in Ukraine. There is an entertainment zone with 44 attractions in the park. Tulips are undoubtedly a real decoration of the park! Hundreds of thousands of Dutch flowers bloom in April-May in Kropyvnytskyi, and tens of thousands of tourists come to see this miracle.


Optional excursion "Coryphaeus Theater" on the Regional Music and Drama Theater. Kropivnitsky. Possibility to attend a performance in the theater.

unnamed 1 Teatr Koryfeyiv Kropyvnytskogo 678x381

Uzor NU

2 day Breakfast. Free day.

A variety of tourist routes and active entertainment are optionally offered:

- Excursion to Kremenchug *. City tour, local history museum, port, exhibition of military equipment in the park of Glory. For children groups an excursion to the chocolate factory "Roshen". During the tour, children will have an opportunity to personally see the process of making chocolates, caramel or biscuits - the work of modern equipment and the skill of confectioners. And after the tour - tasting sweets. It is possible to ride on a boat on the Dnieper.

8e5cfb6f56ef383d927797e66e857bc2adf9ae05 kremenchug

- Excursion to Uman *. One of the wonders of Ukraine - arboretum "Sofiyivka". The park was founded in 1796 by the owner of the city of Uman by the Polish tycoon Sitanislav Potocki and named after his wife Sophia Witt Potocka. The main composition axis of the park passes along the Kamenka River, on which a lot of artificial pools, stakes, waterfalls, sluices, cascades, the underground river Acheron, 224 m in length, are built. The park is decorated with artificial rocks, grottos, pavilions, arbours, antique statues. From more than 2000 species of plants, trees and bushes, cypresses, tulip trees, plane trees, gingko trees, exotic pines, beeches, lianas, a sea of ​​flowers and flower plants are attracted.

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- Excursion "Kherson - Oleshki" *. Kherson and Kherson earth fortress, picturesque panoramas of the Dnieper and Dnieper estuary. The place on the Konka River, where the Oleskovskaya Sich of Zaporozhye Cossacks was located, the largest desert of Europe - Oleshky Sands, the National Nature Park "Oleshkovskie sands", bathing in the thermal pool under the open sky.

- Excursion "Kinburn Spit" *. Adzhigol Lighthouse - a hyperboloid structure in the mouth of the Dnieper River - the highest lighthouse in Ukraine. Walking tour through the Kinburn peninsula to the Yagorlitsa flood, exploring the salt lakes and places of salt fishing, the rolling hills. Visiting the church of Peter Kalnyshevsky in Heroic.

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- Excursion "Tulchin - Pechora". Tulchin - the city of Suvorov, Pushkin, the center of the Southern Society of the Decembrists. Memorial Museum of the outstanding Ukrainian composer ND. Leontovich. Potocki Palace in Tulchin consider the best example of classicism in Ukraine. The palace was built in 1782 in classical style according to the design of a French architect, commissioned by the wealthiest Polish tycoon Stanislav Pototsky. Stanislav lived here with his wife, Józef. In those days the palace was very luxurious. A remarkable interior was designed by a Dutch designer, and on the walls hung paintings of the most famous artists. In the palace there was a very large library, a numismatics office, a printing house and an art gallery. The palace was surrounded by a large courtyard where there was a wonderful garden with fountains, stakes and marble statues. Picturesque village Pechera, located on a beautiful plateau above the Southern Bug, stormy rapids river, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, once a luxurious Potocki park. In the depth of the now overgrown Pechersky park, a small architectural masterpiece hides - the mausoleum-tomb of the Potocki family.

- Rafting along Ingulu *. 12-kilometer rafting on catamarans along the ravines of the Black Forest and the steppes of the Wild Field: rock, noise, river birds, "places of power" and the mass of another. Here you can not only admire the legendary river, but also swim or fish in it.

- Rafting along the Sinyuha *. It so happened that it was this steppe river that was probably starting from the XII century, it was the limit (and sometimes the border) between the Western and Eastern worlds. At different times she shared the surviving fragments of Kievan Rus and the Golden Horde, Rzeczpospolita and Zaporozhye, Poland and the Russian Empire. As a long-standing landmark was known to European rulers and Arab cartographers, it got into a lot of historical documents, under the name "Sinovodskaya battle" was "Waterloo" for the troops of the Golden Horde in 1362.

- alloy in the Bugu *. Southern Bug - Mecca for lovers of outdoor activities on the water. This is the edge of rough rapids and noble ruins of water mills. This is the untouched nature of the national nature park "Bugsky Gard" and the ancient border of the Cossack possessions. 2-hour clock on the river Southern Bug ,. rafting on the Migeisky rapids and Grandfather Shiver. Survey of the islands of the territory of NPP "Bugsky Gard", the water mill of Skarzhinsky, etc.


Uzor NU

3 day  Breakfast. Excursion to the homeland of the classic of Ukrainian literature, an outstanding actor and theatrical figure I. Karpenko-Kary.

In with. Mykolaivka in museum-preserve "Khutor Nadezhda" a cozy park with a lake, a wing, a well and the house of the Tobilevich family were preserved. Here, with 1886 for 1907 year, the playwright wrote eleven plays, among which the famed comedies "One Hundred Thousand" and "Master", which are included in the gold fund of the domestic classics.

The estate complex includes: a parental home, a memorial house built by the playwright himself, a literary memorial museum, a park - a monument of landscape art "Khutor Nadezhda" with an area of ​​11 ha and a pond. A monument-bust of I. Karpenko-Kary was installed. Not far from the farm, in the Carlyuzhinsky cemetery, Ivan Karpovich himself, as well as members of his family are buried.

Optional (for an additional fee) offers country bus tours for all tastes:

 - Stone plateau of "Exampee" (s.Sofievka, Novoukrainsky district) *. Exampee is the sacred center of Great Scythia. According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, this was the main sanctuary of the Scythians, from which the Holy Ways diverged at different ends of the Scythian power. On the outskirts of the present village of Rovnoe near the source of the river Exampie, stood a giant bronze cauldron, which Herodotus ranked to one of the wonders of the world, a symbol of the greatness, power and invincibility of Scythia, smelted from the tips of Scythian arrows. And nearby in with. Glodosy Novoukrainskogo area in the 60-ies of the twentieth century, the local boy buv found one of the largest treasures of Scythian treasures of Ukraine - the so-called Glodos treasure.

510471 1000 400px Menec alignment

- "Mezhevye stones" and "Devil's Cave" (v. Nechaevka) *. "Boundary stones" is an archaeological monument of Ukraine during the late Neolithic period. Represents two rows of 15 pairs of parallel stone monoliths, which scientists called the Menhirs Alley. And next to the Boundary Stones there is a stone canopy - presumably the dwelling place of people of the prehistoric era - the "Devil's Cave" grotto. Also c. Nechaevka is the birthplace of the Ukrainian writer Y. Yanovsky. The memorial museum houses about 800 exhibits, including the writer's personal belongings, books, playbills for performances staged based on the works of Yuri Yanovsky.

- Historical and architectural reserve "Homeland of Rayevsky" (village of Rozumivka) *. The life of the Raevsky family, namely its 12 and 13 generations, is closely connected with Ukraine, Elisavetgrad, as well as with the opposition movement in the Russian Empire, of which the Decembrists were an integral part. In with. Rozumivka is the Cross-Vozdvizhenskaya church - a masterpiece of the era of classicism - the burial-vault of the Raevsky family. In particular, NN Raevsky, the hero of the Battle of Borodino, is buried here. Near the village there is Lake Bondarev becoming, near which on the outskirts of the forest grows 300-year-old oak. According to the legend, in this place Alexander Pushkin wrote an introduction to the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila": "At the seashore, the oak is green ..." when he was staying with the Raevskys.

- Svitovodshchina - the beauty of the Dnieper *: Kremenchug hydroelectric power station, which forms the largest reservoir of Ukraine, the Dnieper-Ingulets canal, the "Taburishcha treasure stone", the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the village of. Ivanovka, the regional landscape park "Kremenchug plavni", the Cossack past of the Svetlovodsk region.

- The Museum of Strategic Missile Forces (Pobugskoye settlement) *. The super-secret object of the Soviet Union is the point of launching missiles with nuclear warheads, the range of flight to 15000 km! Now, the top-secret starting position of intercontinental ballistic missiles and the mine of the command post are open to tourists visiting the completely preserved from the time of the Cold War. The museum's collection includes more than 2 thousand exhibits, including rocket engines, special vehicles, a nuclear warhead prototype, and a Satan rocket.

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- The tract of the "Cascade" *.  Survey of Dokuchaevskoe field shelter belts - a botanical nature monument of local importance. Walking tour from the village of Zlinka to the geological monument of nature - the tract "Cascades" on the river Buki. Especially good here in the warm season, from late spring to early autumn, when you can not only admire the waterfalls, but also swim in them.

- Alexandria and 10 more masterpieces *Handicraft school for the poor in Ajamka, the temple of St. Dimitry of Thessalonica in the 19th century. Svetlopol, old architecture of New Prague, a monument in honor of the maneuvers of the Russian army and the arrival of the Russian emperor, the House of Pishchevich XIX century and the fire Kalancha in Alexandria, Morozovsky brown-coal section, the Palace of Vinberg of the XIX century. in Yasinovatka, they are singingo-Bogoyavlensky women's monastery, etc.

aleksandria 001 aleksandria 002

Monastery. St. Niolaivsky and Voznesensky cathedrals in Bobrinets, treats with bebrinetsk belias and chebureks; the valley of the Ingul River, the landscape preserve "Monastyrische", pre-Christian temples and Proterozoic rocks.

Dinner. Free time. Departure from Kropyvnytsky to Kharkov by train number 60 to 1-13

           Return to Kharkov in 8-31

The cost per person in UAH.

group / hotel / tour 10 + 1 15 + 2  16 + 1 18 + 2 27 + 3 35 + 4 40 + 4 45 + 5
hotel economy
(hostel or convenience on the block)
3750 3350 3250 3150 3050 3000 2950 2850
Hotel 2 *
(2-3-bedded rooms with private facilities in the room)
4050 3650 3550 3450 3350 3300 3250 3150
Hotel 3 *
(2-3-bedded rooms with private facilities in the room)
4350 3950 3850 3750 3650 3600 3550 3450


railway pass (reserved seat), half board, accommodation, transport service under the program, excursion service under the program, insurance, group supervision by the representative of the tour operator.


  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • The tour is valid for groups of at least 6 people. At the request of customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group.
  • Entrance tickets to visited facilities, optional events are paid additionally.
  • A miscalculation of the tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov, other variants of railway passage is possible.


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