River of God. Rafting on the Southern Bug - Pechersk rapids

Southern Bug, God, Hypanis - three names of the great Ukrainian river. You will object: why only Ukrainian? Because the basin of the Southern Bug completely belongs to the territory of our state!

For the first time, a description of the river is found in the works of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus back in the XNUMXth century. BC e. The "Father of History" gave it the eloquent name Gipanis - a river flowing through the fertile land of God, from the Greek "panis" - god. God, Big - this is the real name of the river. It is interesting that even before the XNUMXth century, the Western Bug was called Bug, and our Southern Bug had exactly the name God. Boog and God!

We invite you to make a fascinating journey along the largest and one of the most beautiful rivers in Ukraine - the Southern Bug!

The rafting is not difficult, interesting, safe and accessible to everyone, even children. The tour is perfect for a corporate group as a team building in nature.


Vinnytsia - Nikiforovtsy - Strelchentsi - Gvozdev - Pechera

Duration of the tour

3 day


Tents, sleeping bags, travel rugs (cushion).

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Type of tour


Excursion program

           Departure from Kharkov by train number 138 to 21-14 or train number 21 in 20-13

1 day  Arrival in Vinnitsa, respectively, at 08-50 or 6-48. Group meeting. Moving to the starting point - with. Nikiforovites.

Rafting on the Southern Bug in Vinnitsa region is a fascinating route along the simple rapids of the Southern Bug. If the Migeysky rapids in the Nikolaev region can only be passed by well-trained professionals, then this route is an easy exciting journey for everyone who wants to actively relax.

Safety briefing, equipment fitting, "acquaintance" with catamarans or kayaks.

splav01 splav02

Rafting to the village. Sagittarius.

You sit quietly in the catamaran, watch the unique nature of the Buzhie, enjoy life! Experienced rafting instructors take care of all the worries: organizing and managing the rafting, preparing and checking equipment, choosing a parking place, organizing a camp and eating. 

Camping, preparing dinner, relaxing by the fire

Overnight on the banks of the Bug in tents in a picturesque meadow.
Uzor NU

2 day Breakfast.

Rise, water procedures.

Light breakfast - tea, coffee, biscuits.

Basic breakfast. Collecting the camp and going out on the water.

The Southern Bug flows through the oldest geological formation in Ukraine - the Ukrainian crystalline shield. Within its limits, the flat Southern Bug acquires a mountainous character - in places where crystalline rocks come to the surface, rapids have formed in the channel. Actually, this is the uniqueness of the Southern Bug - a combination of features of a plain and mountain river. The most rapids part of the river is located within the Granite-steppe Bug region. And our route passes through the protected area Regional Landscape Park Nemirovskoe Pobuzhie.

Rafting on the river Yuzhny Bug - passing rapids: 2-cascade "Strelchenetsky" rapids, rapids "Kuryatnya", "Kievsky", "Gvozdevsky".

  • Overnight stop in the area with. Gvozdev in a picturesque meadow, setting up tents, cooking dinner.

  • Rest, swimming. Campfire evening.
    Uzor NU

    3 day Breakfast.

    Rise, water procedures.

    Light breakfast - tea, coffee, cookies

    Basic breakfast. Collecting the camp and going out on the water.

  • We enjoy the amazing nature of the Middle Bug and prepare mentally for the passage of new rapids. We passed the Kiev rapids yesterday, and today we have to pass the most famous rapids of the Southern Bug in the Vinnytsia region - the Pechora. And now the rumbling noise of the water element grows in front. Wow!
  • Rafting on the Yuzhny Bug river - passing rapids: "Rogoznensky", "Sokoletsky perekat", 3-cascade "Pechersky" rapids, skiing on 3 cascades.
  • Finish of the water part of the hike under the road bridge near the village of Pechera.
  • While the instructors collect the catamarans and equipment, we will go on an excursion to Pechera.
  • Inspection of the old water mill with the prince Potocki dam - a unique historical site.
  • Picturesque village Pechera, located on a beautiful plateau above the Southern Bug, turbulent river rapids, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, the once magnificent Potocki park. In the depths of the now overgrown Pechersky Park hides a small architectural masterpiece - the mausoleum-burial vault of the Pototsky family.

  • Departure to Vinnitsa.
  • Bus excursion tour of Vinnytsia. We invite you to the city of fountains and sweets! The MURY complex is the remains of a medieval complex of protective structures for the Jesuit and Dominican monasteries, the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, the Nikolaev and Yuriev wooden churches of the early XNUMXth century, the city's visiting card - the Water Tower, the famous Vinnytsia trams, which give the city a special European chic. Sobornaya Street, old brick houses, Cathedral Square, the architectural ensemble of the old city, the Capuchin Temple of the XNUMXth century, the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral.

    obzorka vinnica 001 obzorka vinnica 003

    If time permits before the departure of the train, we will definitely go to Roshen embankment (length 700 m.) to the largest in Europe light-musical fountain. In Vinnitsa they say: "The music of the fountains of Vinnitsa, sweet, like Roshen." This is the largest floating fountain in Ukraine and Europe. According to experts, it is one of the ten best and most spectacular fountains in the world. Its uniqueness lies in the so-called "wintering technology", which allows you to lower the structure under water. To establish the fountain and carry out the reconstruction of the embankment, work was carried out to clear the channel of the Southern Bug River with a volume of 28000 m³ of soil.

    Enchanting show under amazing music that captures breath, and all this is accompanied by light and laser effects, as well as video projection on a huge water screen.

    fontan Vinnica02 fontan Vinnica01

    We advise you to take places on the quay of Roshen for 20-30 minutes before the start of the show, which starts in 20: 00-21: 30 (depending on the length of the day)!

    Transfer to the train station. Departure from Vinnitsa to Kharkov by train number 138 at 19-38 or by train number 22 at 23-51.

                  Arrival in Kharkov, respectively, at 7-52 or 10-48

    The cost per person in UAH.

    group / option of railway passage 7 people  14 people 20 people 28 people 35 people 44 people
    138 train reserved seat 4350 4150 3950 3850 3750 3550
    138 train compartment 4900 4700 4500 4400 4300 4100
    21 train compartment 5450 5250 5050 4950 4850 4650

    Children under 11 years old - 20% discount from the tour price.


    railway travel (according to the selected option), transport services according to the program, excursion services according to the program, meals according to the program, tea, coffee, branded barbecue, rental of kayaks (2 persons) and catamarans (4 persons), provision of personal water equipment (paddle, life jacket), rental of a tent, sleeping bag, rug, camp equipment, work of instructors, medical insurance, group escort by a representative of the tour operator.


    • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
    • The tour is valid for groups of at least 7 people. At the request of customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the number of people in the group.
    • Entrance tickets to visited facilities, optional activities, are paid additionally. Specify the prices when booking the tour.
    • A miscalculation of the tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov is possible.


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