Museum of the book in Kiev

The history of the Ukrainian book and printing from ancient times to our days. In the exposition of the museum there are ancient manuscript books, rare first editions of books by famous Ukrainian writers, ancient printing equipment.

The museum is located on the territory Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, in the house of the former laurel printing house, which was founded in 1615, by Archimandrite Elisey Pletenetsky, the organizer of book printing and enlightenment in Ukraine. This printing house worked without interruption for more than 300 years - until the beginning of 20 years of the last century, and for a long time was the center of book publishing in Ukraine.

The Museum of Book and Book Publishing was opened in Kiev in the spring of 1972, a year declared by UNESCO as the international year of the book. In 2000 the building was reconstructed, an updated modern exposition was opened here. The beginning of the exposition tells about the origin of writing among the Eastern Slavs, the creation of the Cyril and Mythodius enlighteners in the 11th century alphabet - the Cyrillic alphabet and the Glagolitic alphabet.

In the halls of the museum you can see recreated copies of manuscript books "The Tale of Bygone Years" (1113), "The Lay of Igor's Regiment" (XII century), "Peresopnitskoe Gospel" (1556-1561). The following materials are devoted to the origin of the printed matter in Europe, the beginning and development of Cyrillic book printing. In the windows of the museum the first Ukrainian dictionaries, books on history, folklore, ethnography. Here you can see the first edition of the "Aeneid" Kotlyarevsky 1798 year, the first Ukrainian primer "Gramatka" 1857 year, lifetime publications Skovoroda, Shevchenko, Franco, Lesya Ukrainka.

The materials of the Soviet period, books for the Soviet-German front, magazines and leaflets of the OUN and UPA, and Soviet samizdat are also interesting. A separate room is dedicated to the appearance and structure of the book - there are books "giants" and the smallest (3-4mm), a book with braille for the blind, books in leather covers, velvet, decorated with gold, silver and enamel. The museum presents an old printed technique - a just press of the XVIII century, a machine tool of the XVII century and more.

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