Corporate party on the Black Sea. iron Port

The Iron Port resort is gaining popularity with Ukrainians and guests of our country every year and is today one of the most visited resort cities on the Black Sea.

Features of leisure at the Iron Port:

- The sea in the Iron Port is open, with a smooth coastline - without floods, bays and estuaries, due to which coastal water is often replaced and does not stagnate .;

- A clean, gently sloping beach and a flat sandy bottom, with gradually increasing depth - an ideal place for vacationers of all ages to relax;

- The water in the sea warms up evenly, and the average summer temperature is 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius;

- Extreme sea lovers often indulge in waves and even storms;

- The beaches here are wide, sandy, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay - umbrellas, awnings, sunbeds;

- Vacationers can often see dolphins swimming quite close to the shore and giving a lot of pleasant emotions.

In the Iron Port you can fully enjoy summer vacations, the hot sun, warm sea, recharge your good mood for the whole year ahead!

In the program of the tour: railway travel from Kharkov, transport services, accommodation in the Iron Port, meals, tours of the Kherson region, the Black Sea, Askaniya Nova, rest on the Black Sea.


Odessa - Kherson - Iron Port - Black Sea

Season of rest

May - September

Duration of the tour

from 3 days


boarding house "Wave", Iron Port

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The complex consists of 4 buildings, rooms with all amenities. 

2 and 3-seater numbers "standard" with fresh repair and with all conveniences. Warm water around the clock. The rooms are “standard”: shower, toilet, TV, fridge, balcony in each room. No air conditioning.

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There are also rooms of higher categories - improved standards, junior suites, suites, etc.

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Meals are organized in the dining room of the boarding house - at will, additionally (275 UAH complex, 65 UAH breakfast, 110 UAH lunch, 100 UAH dinner).



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

on the Black Sea coast. 


Closed guarded complex of 8 hectares on the seashore. On the landscaped promenade there are cafes, bars, discos, a billiard room, slot machines, shops, and kiosks.

Park alleys, a pond with fish and ducks, a mini-zoo with nutrias, playgrounds, sports complexes, a playground with barbecue facilities.

Excursion program

            Departure from Kharkov by train number 375 in 20-04

1 day Arrival in Kherson in 13-38. Group meeting.

Optional offered a sightseeing bus tour of Kherson:

Kherson is famous for its historical and architectural complex "Kherson Fortress", the Catherine's Cathedral, the grave and monument to G.A. Potemkin - Tavrichesky, the embankment of the Dnieper. Kherson Fortress - the place where the city was founded. To this day, from the architectural ensemble of the Kherson fortress, only the Ochakovsky and Moscow gates with adjacent bastions, the fortress well, the Arsenal building, a powder magazine, the Catherine's Cathedral with a bell tower have survived. Other sights of the city: Greek suburb, Pokrovskaya square, Assumption Cathedral, Privoz, Necropolis, old town.

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Transfer to the Iron Port. Accommodation in a boarding house.

Rest by the sea.

Uzor NU

2 - 4 day Rest by the sea.


 - excursion to the reserve Askania-Nova *. Biosphere reserve "Askania-Nova" is one of the 7 natural wonders of Ukraine, the oldest steppe biosphere reserve of the planet and the largest among European steppe reserves. It was created more than 100 years ago by Friedrich Eduardovich Faltz-Fein - a descendant of the German colonists and the owner of these lands. In 1985, the Askania-Nova reserve was included in the list of reference territories of the planet by the UNESCO decision and is a biosphere reserve.

askaniya 0003 askaniya 0002

 Its current area, including the protected steppe, is 33,3 thousand hectares. Biological diversity includes more than 500 species of higher plants and more than 3000 species of animals. Many species that have disappeared over the last centuries on the vast expanses of the former steppes of Eurasia continue to exist here.

Departure to the protected steppe, safari in the historical places of the reserve.

Эa tour of the zoo and arboretum. How did this natural oasis appear in the steppe? You will see many indigenous inhabitants of Africa, America and India, feeling great in the steppes of the Black Sea.

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Free time. The territory of the reserve is well-groomed and designed for leisurely walks. Enjoy nature, take a walk to the lake and take beautiful photos as a keepsake!

- departure to the village of Veseloe in the winery of Prince P.Trubetskoy *. The true history of the country's only historical chateau and the special atmosphere of the winery make it perhaps the most attractive wine tourism destination in Ukraine.

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The first vineyards were laid here, in the estate of Cossack, in 1896 year. The choice of lands for plantings and varieties of vines was carried out by the chief winemaker of the Russian Empire, Prince Lev Golitsyn. Already in 1900 at the World Exhibition in Paris, Riesling wine-making was awarded the Grand Prix.

You can take a journey into history by going down to wine cellars, strolling through intricate galleries and tasting 6 varieties of wine under the guidance of an experienced sommelier. Here you will literally take a sip of history, because 8 wine cellars store more than 10 bottles, among which 000 are rare specimens.

Well, on the way to the chateau of Trubetskoy no less surprising objects are waiting for you: the only steppe waterfall in the Kherson region, the only medieval tower in the south of Ukraine - the rest of the fortress of the Lithuanian prince Vitovt.

  - Kinburn Spit *:

  Stocking up lunch boxes, we leave for Kinburn Spit. Arrival in a. Heroic. Peninsula safari tour: visit to the lakes, Yagorlitsky Gulf, Svyatoslav Belobrezhye National Park. Field lunch with Kinburn yushka at the stake, potatoes, sliced ​​vegetables, tasting local alcohol. Free time by the sea.

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- saline crafts and pink lakes *:

- Kinburskie lakes. A few kilometers from the village of Geroyskoe are located the famous Kinburn salt-making industries. They stand out bright pink and sometimes orange. Here, salt is mined in an open way, like many centuries ago. Pink Lakes is a favorite tourist destination. Photos on the background of the lakes are impressive and fascinating.

64 sasyk syvash

- Lemurian Lake. Not far from Chaplinka and Grigorievka, next to the lake Sivash is the Lemurian (it’s also Dead, Pink) lake. According to legend, on the site of the present lake there used to be the Lemurian Sea. The salt concentration here is greater than on the famous Israeli Dead Sea. The lake has optimal conditions for treatment and swimming.

- “Green farms of Tavria” * - This is an unusual complex consisting of 45 island-farms with a total area of ​​100 ha, surrounded by water channels. This complex is located in the Northern Black Sea region of Kherson region - the historical Northern Tavria, directly in the region adjacent to the lower reaches of the Dnieper. The healing geyser, the former manor of Falz-Fein - the founder of the Askania-Nova reserve, Zelenye Khutor: a museum of national life, a pottery workshop, a weaving house, a fishing museum, a honey house.

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- Migian thresholds *. Here the Southern Bug River has made its way, creating a narrow valley-canyon. The steep cliffs surrounding it sometimes reach 40. You will see Migian rapids, waterfalls, islands and steep cliffs. Thresholds "Mill", Integral, Protik tract, rafting on the Southern Bug is possible.

- "Tavria" is the home of Ukrainian vintage cognacs *. You will learn the history of winemaking in the Tauride region, and then the cellars, in which the highest quality cognac spirits are kept for decades, will reveal their secrets. The gallery with 6,5 thousand oak butts and barrels is amazing. After the excursion, those who wish will be able to taste ordinary, vintage and collection cognacs, as well as wine.

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- National Park "Buzky Guard" *. First, we will explore the Small Aktovsky Canyon "Devil's Valley", also known as the Arbuzinsky Canyon. This is one of the oldest canyons in Ukraine. It is considered pride and one of the main attractions of the Nikolaev region. There are quite high rocks here, and the fast-moving river makes its way through the boulders. Walk to the Blue Quarry Lake.

Next we will have to go to the Aktovsky canyon. This is a unique complex of forest and aquatic ecosystems with an ensemble of rocks and granite boulders, the only one in Europe that in its geological and landscape indicators in miniature with a huge accuracy in time of formation resembles the famous canyons of North America. The Deadtwater River divides the Nikolaev canyon in half, the rocks on its banks sometimes reach 30-50 meters in height.

- Oleshkovsky sands - Ukrainian Sahara *. Tour of the largest sandy massif in Europe. Sand dunes, which in summer can heat up to 70-75 degrees, reach 8-12 m, and in the depths there are real oases and small lakes. The place of the historical Oleshkovskaya Sich of the Zaporozhye Cossacks.

 Uzor NU

5 day Holidays by the sea. Eviction from rooms before 10-00 (surcharge for late eviction is possible). 

Transfer to Kherson.

Departure from Kherson by train No. 375 at 16-03.

Return to Kharkov in 10-08

The cost per person in UAH.

group / tour 10 people 15 people 20 people 28 people 35 people 40 people 50 people
3 Day Tour
3150 2850 2750 2550 2350 2250 2150
4 Day Tour 3500 3200 3100 2900 2700 2600 2500
5 day tour
3850 3550 3450 3250 3050 2950 2850


railway travel (reserved seat), transfer Kherson - Iron Port - Kherson, accommodation in a boarding house in standard rooms with private facilities, use of the entire hotel infrastructure, insurance.


  • The price is valid for organized groups of 10 people.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing facilities, tastings, optional excursions, other additional services are paid additionally.
  • Food order is possible.
  • The program can be adjusted at the request of the customer.
  • For adult groups, it is possible to miscalculate a tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov.

  • You can order a tour for any number of days.
  • Offer valid for low season (May, June, September). In high season prices and availability must be specified.
  • The price of the tour can vary depending on the place of rest and type of accommodation. When ordering a tour, a specific place of rest is agreed with the customer. 
  • In summer, in connection with the increased demand, please book the tours in advance. 

  • Additionally, if necessary, group booking of train tickets is paid - 400 UAH per person.


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