Corporate at the sea. Odessa

One of the most popular ways to relax and relax together is rest in Odessa "near the blue sea". A magical, heroic, beautiful, brave city with an amazing and rich history, colorful local people, famous Odessa humor and clean spacious sandy beaches awaits you!

Corporate rest in Odessa is:

- the storm of the sea and the storm of feelings;

- mild seasickness on land and at sea;

- an amazing world of Odessa dungeons and strong drinks;

- seals rest on the beach and quests throughout Odessa;

- a sea of ​​temptations and just the Black Sea;

We invite close-knit teams, companies, trade union organizations, enterprises, educational institutions to spend their corporate holidays in Odessa on the Black Sea coast! Celebrate your professional holiday in Odessa! Relax in Odessa!

In the program of the tour: railway fare from Kharkov, transport service, accommodation in Odessa in a comfortable hotel, meals, excursions in Odessa and Moldova, quests, theatricalization, seminars, trainings, entertainment, recreation on the Black Sea.


Odessa - rest by the sea

Duration of the tour

from 3 days


Recreation complex "Sunny"

located in Odessa on the beach on the Luzanovka. At guests' disposal are four stone buildings with rooms of different comfort levels, autonomous round the clock water supply (cold, hot water), electricity and heat, an outdoor heated pool, own equipped beach.

Solnechniy territory 02 Solnechniy bassein 01 

2-bedded rooms of the category "standard"
Amenities: twin beds, wardrobe, desk, refrigerator, TV (75 channels), shower, toilet, washbasin.
Solnechniy standart01 Solnechniy standart02
Solnechniy standart03 Solnechniy standart04

2-3's Local Superior Rooms
Amenities: double bed, sofa, wardrobe, table, refrigerator, TV (75 channels), shower, toilet, wash basin, air conditioning. Room size - 25 sq.m.
Solnechniy uluchsheniy 01 Solnechniy uluchsheniy 03

Uzor NU
hotel "Peaceful resort 3 *"

located in the heart of the resort of Odessa, near the 9 station of the Big Fontana, near the beach "Chaika", rooms with comfort "comfort +" and "Eurocomfort"
mirniy0 mirniy1

Category "Eurocomfort"
In the room: bathroom, toilet, TV (cable TV), refrigerator, balcony, air conditioning, el. kettle, hairdryer, telephone, safe.
mirniy-evrokomfort1 mirniy-evrokomfort2
mirniy-evrokomfort3 mirniy-evrokomfort4

Uzor NU
Hotel Complex "Odessa" 4 *

completely renovated modern hotel with an updated number of rooms. At the moment, all rooms of the hotel meet European standards - each room is equipped with modern equipment.

okodessa01 okodessa02

rooms of the category "standard": (total area 20 -24 sq.m., accommodation for up to 4 people). The room consists of an entrance hall, bedroom, bathroom with shower. In the room: air conditioning, cable TV, mini-safe, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet, mini-fridge, electronic lock, work area, hairdryer, hypoallergenic bed linen, telephone.
stand1 stand2
stand3 stand4

 as well as other recreation centers, hotels and pensions of Odessa, Koblevo and Zatoki



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

on the Black Sea coast

Excursion program

               Departure from Kharkov by train number 59 to 17-01 or train number 7 in 21-50 Do not forget to take chicken, boiled eggs and mineral water to the train!)

1 day Arrival in Odessa by train No. 59 to 6-08 or by train No. 7 to 9-11, group meeting at the railway station (we recommend to leave the car immediately in shorts and slippers!)

Sightseeing tour of Odessa - Dumskaya square, Primorsky Boulevard, a glass panorama of excavations of an ancient city on Primorsky Boulevard, Cathedral Square, The Potemkin Stairs, the palace of Count Vorontsov, Odessa Opera House, The Odessa port, Gorsad.  Outstanding personalities, famous for Odessa: Duke de Richelieu, Earl M. Vorontsov, A.S. Pushkin, Ilf and Petrov, I. Babel, L. Utesov, etc. Streets of the city: Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya and others. 

odessa obzor 02 odessa obzor 1

03 IMG 8672

Transfer to the hotel. Settlement (shower, TV, view of the city and a soft bed - it's all free, as a gift from the company! You pay only for the room!)

Free time. The beach, the sun, the sea, the embankment .... Boiled corn, sweet baklava, beer-fish-shrimp!

Buying souvenirs at the Cathedral Square, promenade on promenade of Arcadia, walks by Deribasovskaya and Primorsky Boulevard, riding a city funicular, a performance in The Opera House. If you wish, you can visit museum of the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks, Archaeological Museum with a gold pantry, Art Museum with a grotto or Sadik of humorous sculptures, Dolphinarium, take a boat trip on a boat.

odessa004 odessa007

3 5501.jpg 1042

Uzor NU

2 day Free time. Breakfast. Rest by the sea (Relax to the condition of seals and do not think about anything! This is the main condition for rest! It is necessary to roast the sides and get acquainted with beach photographers and sellers chebureks!)

odessa obz odessa obzor 03

1529869252 36027121 1598747706917606 5138940339737853952 o barabulya foto 1 6 h7av0t

If you have come not only to "hang yourself", then we recommend optional excursions *:

- Excursion to Odessa catacombs ordinary or deep;

- Guided tour Odessa Film Studios;

- Tour of Odessa Opera House;

- Excursion "Past the mother-in-law's house" (Crimean Odessa)

- Excursion around Odessa port and Vorontsovsky lighthouse;

- Evening excursion "Palaces of old Odessa and their inhabitants".

- Excursion to Vilkovo (Romanian border, Danube floods, pelicans and sturgeon);

- Excursion Belgorod - Dniester fortress with a visit to the Wine Culture Center;

- Excursion to the wineries of Moldova *. Let's taste Moldova! Purcari is a place with a long wine history and traditions, a real piece of Provence lost between Moldavian villages. At the family winery "EtCetera" we are waiting for a master class on cooking delicious local dishes - crying, tour and wine tasting directly from barrels!

- Excursion to Transnistria with a visit to Tiraspol and Bendery fortress.

Uzor NU

3 day Free time. Breakfast. Rest by the sea (Just do not burn to the state of cancer! Sunscreen is sold next to the beach in the pharmacy!)

odessa003 arkadiya01

korporativnij otdih Morskoy 1

Seriously-minded corporations can offer any extra charge. thematic quests in Odessa, theatrical excursions, gatherings in the Odessa courtyard, silent cinema in the Odessa film studio, team building, culinary master classes, wine tasting, walks on sailboats and yachts and many other different things!

Leisure time (a standard set of souvenirs from Odessa: seashells, vests, magnets, Odessa anecdotes and Odessa phrase book).

arkadiya02 arkadiya01

Do not want to leave? Stay on 4, 5 days .... forever!

Transfer to the station. Departure from Odessa by train No. 60 to 19-21 or by train No. 8 to 21-18. You are escorted by sunny Odessa!

          Return to Kharkiv by train No. 60 to 8-31 or by train No. 8 to 8-58.  You the offended Kharkov meets: “Look what you thought! To leave somewhere ... .. "

The cost per person in UAH.

Cost in April-May:

 group / hotel 10 people 15 people 20 people 28 people 35 people 40 people 50 people
OK "Sunny", by the sea
(2-3-local non standard with amenities)
2950 2750 2600 2450 2300 2250 2150
OK "Sunny", by the sea
(2-3-local Superior rooms with amenities)
3350 3150 3000 2850 2700 2650 2550
Hotel "Peace Resort" 3 *,  The beach "Seagull"
(2-3's Eurocomfort local rooms with amenities)
3350 3150 3000 2850 2700 2650 2550
OK "Odessa" 4 *,  district Arcadia
(2-3-bed kstandart rooms with private facilities)
3550 3350 3200 3050 2900 2850 2750

 Cost in June, September:

 group / hotel 10 people 15 people 20 people 28 people 35 people 40 people 50 people
OK "Sunny", by the sea
(2-3-local non standard with amenities)
3150 2950 2800 2650 2500 2450 2350
OK "Sunny", by the sea
(2-3-local Superior rooms with amenities)
3550 3350 3200 3050 2900 2850 2750
Hotel "Peace Resort" 3 *,  The beach "Seagull"
(2-3's Eurocomfort local rooms with amenities)
3550 3350 3200 3050 2900 2850 2750
OK "Odessa" 4 *,  district Arcadia
(2-3-bed standard rooms with private facilities)
3850 3650 3500 3350 3200 3150 3050


railway travel (reserved seat), group supervision by a representative of the tour operator, transfers, sightseeing tour, hotel accommodation in rooms with private facilities (2 nights), breakfast meals (in OK Odessa - buffet), insurance.


  • The price is valid for organized groups of 10 people.
  • Possible miscalculation of the tour for 4, 5 or more days.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing facilities, tastings, optional excursions, other additional services are paid additionally.

  • Surcharge for a railway compartment coupe 59-60 train - 400 UAH per person
  • Surcharge for a railway compartment coupe 7-8 train - 1000 UAH per person

  • The program can be adjusted at the request of the customer.
  • The price of the tour can vary depending on the program, the duration of the transport service, the cost of the railway travel, hotel level, high or low season, etc. Specify the cost of the tour before booking.
  • In the high season in connection with increased demand, please book the tours in advance. Prices in high season on hotels are rising and subject to refinement.
  • In high season, you can order a tour for 7 days of rest under regular arrivals to Odessa and Zatoka.
  • For adult groups, it is possible to miscalculate a tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov.

  • Additionally, if necessary, group booking of train tickets is paid - 400 UAH per person.
  • Surcharge for a railway compartment coupe 59-60 train - 300 UAH per person
  • Surcharge for a railway compartment coupe 7-8 train - 900 UAH per person


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