At the confluence of the Danube and the Black Sea, on the border with Romania, is the Ukrainian Venice - the city of canals and boats, fishermen and winemakers - Vilkovo.

The history of this amazing settlement began around the middle of the 17th century with a sad event for Ukraine - Catherine II destroyed the Zaporozhye Sich. Fugitive Cossacks, persecuted for religious and political reasons, settled in the lower part of the Danube Delta. One of these Cossack families founded the Vilkovo farm.

Vilkovo is really very reminiscent of Venice, except that the standard of living is slightly different. Natural channels of the delta, islands and man-made canals in Vilkovo occupy up to 45% of the city's territory, forming a single whimsical system of canal streets. 

On a kind of Ukrainian "gondolas" and motor boats through the canals you can get to any part of the city, swim to visit neighbors and relatives. For tourists, many residents of Vilkovo also have larger boats with canopies from the sun and rain. The canals have their own names like regular streets. You swim, and all around you are neat clean houses, small vegetable gardens, wooden masonry on the sides of the canals, neat reed fences.

How many in Vilkovo and around it canals and islands, apparently still so no one has counted.



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