Velvet tour. Kamyanets-Podolsky, Chernivtsi, Khotin and Bakota!


Transcarpathian voyage. 5-day navigator in Transcarpathia!


Aroma of Transcarpathia. Synevyr - Beregovo - Mukachevo


Vinnitsa fountain of emotions! Vinnytsia - Uman - Medzhybizh


Autumn aroma of Transcarpathia. Synevyr - Beregovo - Mukachevo


River of God. Rafting on the Southern Bug - Pechersk rapids

Vinnytsia - Nikiforovtsy - Strelchentsi - Gvozdev - Pechera

Mayfay tour. Transcarpathia # Gourmet # Spa

Mukachevo - Beregovo - Chizay - Perechin - Uzhgorod

Among mountains, lakes and meadows! Pearls of Transcarpathia

Mukachevo - Pylypets - Synevyr - Shipot - Uzhgorod

Flower on a stone. Photo tour to Kamyanets-Podolsky, Khotin and Bakota

Kamyanets - Podolsky - Bakota - Khotin

Gastronomic tour. Delicious Dniester.

Kharkiv-Ternopil - town. Koropets - s. Kosmirin - s. Vozilov - s. Monastik - s. Nezvisko - Ternopil - Kharkiv

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