Constitution Day at sea + Vilkovo and Danube!


Azure tour. Odessa for Independence Day + Vilkovo and Danube!


Azure tour. Trinity in Odessa + Vilkovo and Danube!


Beer Kharkov. Brewery "Beer Legend"

Kharkiv - Brewery "Beer Legend"

For joy and inner peace. Lavender field

Chuguev - Lebyazhye - Kitsevka - Dvurechansky natural park

East Dnieper adventure. Kharkiv - Zaporizhzhia - Dnipro

Kharkiv - Dnipro - Petrikovka - Zaporozhye - Khortytsya

Mayfay tour. Transcarpathia # Gourmet # Spa

Mukachevo - Beregovo - Chizay - Perechin - Uzhgorod

Transcarpathian voyage. 5-day navigator in Transcarpathia!


Aroma of Transcarpathia. Mukachevo - Beregovo - Uzhhorod - Lumshory


In the former Kharkiv province. Akhtyrka - Trostyanets

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