Kolochava tour. Interesting tour to the Carpathians

Active excursion tour to the Carpathians for those who want to feel the spirit of the Carpathians, get pleasure from the cosmic Carpathian landscapes, get acquainted with the authentic culture of the Carpathian nationalities, try themselves in the role of conquerors of peaks.

And in March-April in Kolochava a unique natural phenomenon is observed - the valley of Crocus - a rare mountain flower of saffron blooms!

What will surprise us this time around the Carpathians:

- Sea eye - one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine;

- another natural miracle - the Shypot waterfall, which cascades down from a 14-meter height;

- the longest village of Ukraine - Kolochava;

- Shepherd's soup, vurd and cheese on Mount Strymba;

- the lesson of a strict clerk-teacher in the parish school;

- panorama of the majestic and beautiful Polonina Borzhava;

- In the evening near the Carpathian vatra with a banosh and mushroom soup;

- and also a farm of parrots, riding a trolley, crossing a river in a trough and many others.

Really after all of the above, do you still doubt the choice of the tour? Carpathians? Yes! Kolochava? Yes!

In the program of the tour: railway passage from Kharkov, accommodation in comfortable private gardens in the Carpathians, food, excursions through the Transcarpathia and the Carpathians, tasting, School of sheep breeding and lunch with shepherds, Shipot waterfall and Synevir lake, Borzhava polonina, Old Village and Arpada museums, vats with hot water, trout farming, climbing the mountain of Gumba.


Lviv - Carpathians - waterfall Shipot - Pilipets - gamba - Borzhava - Mizhgirya - Kolochava - Sinevir

Duration of the tour

3 - 4 days


hotels, private gardens


by program



Type of tour


Excursion program

             Departure from Kharkov to Lviv by train № 46 in 12-37

1 day Arrival in Lviv at 8-03 or to Volovets at 11-40. Group meeting at the station. Moving to the Carpathians. Lunch.

Excursion "Synevyr". Mountainous Lake Synevyr, which is called the Sea Eye in the people - one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, the most beautiful highland lake of the Carpathians. The route to it passes through Volcanic and between the Poloninsky and the Watershed ranges of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Tourists will hear the mysterious legends of the mountainous region, they will see a wonderful panorama of the mountains, the rapid streams of rivers, breathe in pure air with pure chest, and on the way they will try the mineral water directly from the sourceVisit the largest in Europe rehab center for bears.

sinevir 001 medved02

Visit waterfall Shipot - the most beautiful waterfall of Transcarpathia, located on the northern slopes of the massif of the Borzhavsky Poloninas near the foot of Mount Gymba, in the village of Pilipets. Like Sinevir, it is one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. From the underground spring on Mount Veliky Top he begins his journey down the small gorge. Here he falls picturesque cascades from 14-meter height and breaks down on stones, turning into millions of diamond drops, shimmering in the Carpathian sun.

12 2

Moving to Kolochava - the longest village of Ukraine (40 km!) and one of the most famous! In it you will find 10 museums, 20 monuments, 20 of various attractions and entertainment. Settlement in private hotels-sadybah. Dinner.

Uzor NU

2 day  Breakfast. And off to the mountains!

You will climb Mount Strymba - one of the most magical mountains of the Intermountain, where on a meadow you can meet shepherds with flocks of sheep. Return to Kolochava. Lunch.

Visit Museum - Skansen "Old Village" in Kolochava, which presents the original life of the highlanders of that time. Try to open the house yourself with wooden keys, chop the wood with a hand saw, write the letter with a slate on a stone dostichke, sit in an old sauna, take a picture against the backdrop of the last Carpathian pinch, feel like a prisoner in a Hungarian prison ....

5 6

We bask in hot vats (for additional fee).

You can also order a gala dinner with performances by Hutsul local groups, learn traditional local dances and rituals. (for an additional fee).

Uzor NU

3 day Breakfast. Free day.

Visit to the military-historical Museum "Arpad Line": a unique collection of weapons of the Second World War, real bunkers.

In the parish school, a strict clerk-teacher will teach a lesson and teach religious rules. For disobedience can shlopotat and rods!

At leisure, you can visit the Kolochavsky narrow-gauge museum, the wood and alloy museum Kolochavsky bokorash, the UPA bunker, the parrot and pigeon farm, ride on the trolley, go to the fir, cross the river in the trough, soak in hot water vats, visit the trout economy or kolyba-museum.

Evening near the Carpathian Vatra. Dinner with a banosh and mushroom soup.

Uzor NU

4 day Breakfast. You can choose one of the excursion margruts:

- Moving to s. Pylypets. On the way - tasting mineral water in the village. Kelechin. Lifting on a chair lift to Mount Geumba, panorama of the majestic and beautiful the Polonin Borzhava. Polonina Borzhava is one of the largest Carpathian ridges with positive energy and a chic landscape.

10 1

- Excursion "Line Arpad". Let's look at the Carpathians as the line that some armies from time immemorial have tried to defend, while others overcome. So it was many times in these lands. The last war left defensive structures, which for a long time were considered impregnable: the bunkers, which were supposed to block narrow roads along the valleys of mountain rivers, concrete ridges, an underground bunker, which could accommodate an infantry battalion ... Visiting bunker of the Arpad Line in with. Upper Grabivnytsya - the largest of the surviving bunkers of the Second World War. From this military-historical object of the Hungarian Royal Army (Magyar Honvédség) is preserved about 1 kilometers of underground tunnels.

 8 4


Moving to Lviv or Volovets. Departure by train No. 46 from Volovets to 23-49 or from Lviv to 3-23.

            Arrival in Kharkov to the railway station in 22-55

The cost per person in UAH.

The cost of the 3-day tour (without the 3-day program):

Group 10 + 1 15 + 2 15 + 1 20 + 2 24 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 4
private gardens, mini-hotels
(convenience for several rooms).
5250 4750 4650 4550 4450 4450 4250
hotel (facilities in the room) 5450 4950 4850 4750 4650 4650 4450

Cost 4-day tour:

Group 10 + 1 15 + 2 15 + 1 20 + 2 24 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 4
private gardens, mini-hotels
(convenience for several rooms).
5850 5350 5250 5150 5050 5050 4850
hotel (facilities in the room) 6150 5650 5550 5450 5350 5350 5150


railway pass (reserved seat), ticket booking, group supervision by the tour operator representative, excursion service, transport service according to the program, accommodation in the hotel or sadyba, group support, program meals, insurance.


  • The price is valid for organized groups of 10 people
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing facilities, equipment rental, lifts, master classes, attractions, optional excursions and other additional services are paid additionally.

  • The program can be adjusted at the request of the customer. The tour can be miscalculated for any number of days.
  • The price of the tour can vary depending on the program, the length of the transport service, the level of the hotel, the schedule and cost of the railway passage, high or low season, etc.
  • The cost of the tour is not valid in the New Year and Christmas period.

  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • For adult groups, it is possible to miscalculate a tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov.


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