Tatariv is a climatic low-mountain resort of the Carpathians, located in the valley of the Prut River at an altitude of 750 m above sea level. The surrounding mountains are covered with coniferous and beech forests. The mountain air of the Tatarovsky intermountain region is distinguished by crystal purity - it contains 200 times less bacteria in comparison with the city air.

Healing mountain climate, water with silver content always attracted tourists here. In Tatarovo there are a lot of hotels, recreation complexes, private estates, which in winter and in summer receive tourists. 

Tourists who have chosen a winter vacation in the Carpathians often stop in Tatariv, from where it is about 10 km to the Bukovel ski resort, and even closer to the Yablunitsa and Vorokhta ski lifts. In summer, fans of hiking, walking and cycling excursions, mushroom pickers and berry pickers go to Tatariv.

About the name of the Tatar there is a legend. During the Tatar raids, local residents destroyed the attackers with incredible efforts. Only the woman who led the advance detachment of the Tatars remained alive. She went into the house and asked to drink with gestures. When the Tatar bowed, the hostess pushed her and drowned her in milk. Since that time, the village began to be called Tatarov.

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