Lviv Town Hall

The Market Square is part of the historic center of Lviv, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The visiting card of the square and its central building is the Lviv City Hall.

In 1356, Lviv received the Magdeburg law - and there was a need for a place where local government bodies would be located. Thus, the first wooden town hall was built. This word comes from the German language "Rathaus", which means "council house".

Unfortunately, the town hall burned down in 1381 year, later it was rebuilt, and in the 17 century a tower was built. In the Lviv archives an interesting document is kept, dated 14 July 1826 year, which refers to the fact that the town hall is in a satisfactory condition. It was during the signing of this document that the town hall collapsed, killing eight people.

In 1835, a new town hall was built in the style of Viennese classicism. The town hall has retained its appearance to this day. Only the dome, which was destroyed during the 1848 rebellion, was replaced with a balcony, from where the picturesque view of the ancient Lviv opens. A blue-yellow flag is developing on the tower, which was first posted in 1919.

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