Latin catheld

The Latin cathode in Lviv is the main Roman Catholic church in Ukraine. Officially it is called the Archcathedral basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or (more simply) the Lviv cathedral.

Some consider the cathedral to be the embodiment of Lviv. Gothic and Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, eclectic and modern - almost all Lviv architectural styles merged into one structure. It has seen almost the entire history of the city of Leo and clearly reflects the cosmopolitan essence of this Galician policy.

Giant dimensions (height of the tower 66 meters, length of the temple - 67 meters, width - 23), beautiful architectural forms, numerous attached chapels, majestic pillars that support vaults, fantastic paintings and fairy-tale sculptures - all this is embodied in the Lviv cathedral.

The temple was founded by the Polish king Casimir the Great in the 1360-ies. Although there is still controversy about the beginning of the construction and the history of the foundation of the church. Many believe that the church was founded by Lviv philistines, and not the king.

From 14 century to the present day, the temple was rebuilt and rebuilt many times. Wealthy Lviv people from all sides stuck it with their chapels and tombs. The most famous are the chapels of the Kampians and Boim. Along the perimeter, the temple was surrounded by figures of saints (who once stood in the cemetery near the temple), and on the walls napepli heap memorial tables and inscriptions.

The main entrance to the basilica is walled in with 1772 year - the inhabitants of the city tried, in protest against the Austrian occupation of Lviv. All visitors who do not know this story - are surprised why it is possible to enter only through the side entrances. In the wall of the temple with 1672 sits a Turkish core (in memory of the Turkish siege), and from 1919 year - a Ukrainian shell (in memory of the Ukrainian siege during the Ukrainian-Polish war).

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