Dominican Cathedral in Lviv

The Dominican cathedral is an ancient landmark of Lviv, representing the architecture of the Baroque. The building is part of the Ensemble of the Old Town (historical center), which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The construction of the cathedral began in 1749. The author of the project is the famous engineer and architect, the talented fortifier Jan de Witte. In the second half of 19, a two-tiered tower-bell tower was erected in front of the church, designed by the Polish architect Julian Zakharevich. The tower repeated the style of the main building of the cathedral - baroque. In 1895 d significant changes have undergone the dome of the church.

Before World War II, the cathedral was the main temple of the Order of the Dominicans. All the representatives of the urban intelligentsia visited the church. With 1972 r, the Museum of the History of Religion operates here, as well as the creative association "Dzyga". Since 90-ies the cathedral is officially called the Temple of the Most Holy Eucharist.

The Dominican cathedral is a late Baroque example, an architectural landmark of Ukraine. Cross-shaped in plan with a rounded central part and towers-bell towers on the sides. Above the construction stands a huge elliptical dome. Under it were preserved magnificent statues of angels and saints. Monumentality of the temple is attached to the massive columns on the central facade.

The best examples of Lviv plastic 18 are gold-plated sculptures of the altar and eighteen statues of the most holy Dominican rank under the cathedral's dome. Their creator is S. Feissinger. Interior decoration is presented

  • alabaster tombstones raised from the cave of the ancient Gothic church (date back to 16's);
  • a gravestone made of marble made by the talented Danish sculptor B.Torvaldsen for the Countess Y.Dunin-Borkovskaya (dated to the beginning of 19);
  • stone sculptures of the governor F.Fon Gauer (the work of the sculptor A.Shimzer) and the outstanding Polish artist A.Grottger (the work of the sculptor V.Gadomsky);
  • elegant pulpit with gilt sculpture of an angel and refined stucco;
  • altar - an excellent example of the art of plastics.

Inside the walls of the temple are decorated with columns, balconies, balustrades with gold moldings. The creators of the Dominican Cathedral managed to combine the monumentality and splendor of the structure with exquisite ease and weightlessness.

The entrance to the temple is free. In the days of worship you can hear organ music.

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