Knights and castles. Lviv - Olesko-Zolochiv

Tour of the castles of Lviv and Lviv region takes us several centuries ago in the time of the Knights Templar Order, knightly deeds, duels for the honor of beautiful ladies, crossbows and solemn initiations in knights.

Why is this classic tour invariably popular with tourists:

- it allows you to get acquainted with the main sights of Lviv;

- to visit the most interesting museums of this unique city-festival;

- participate in theatrical excursions, master classes and quests;

- see the most beautiful castles of Western Ukraine;

- admire the panorama of Lviv from the height of the High Castle;

- you will have time to sit in Lviv coffee shops and buy sweet souvenirs in the Chocolate Workshop.

Book now! Because Lviv is constantly changing, and tomorrow you will get to another Lviv!

In the program of the tour: railway travel from Kharkov, transport and excursion services, accommodation in Lviv in a comfortable hotel, meals, excursions around Lviv, castles of Lviv region, knightly battle, a master class on weaponry, Lviv museums.


Lviv - Olesko - Zolochev - Pidgircy

Duration of the tour

2-3 days



Type of tour


Excursion program

            Departure from Kharkov to Lviv by train № 45 in 12-37

1 day Arrival in Lviv at 8-09. Group meeting at the station. Check in at the hotel (according to the estimated time).

Sightseeing bus tour of the city - an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with historical monuments, with a variety of architectural styles of Lviv: the Church of St. Elizabeth, Cathedral of St. Jura, Lviv Polytechnic University, Potocki Palace and much more.

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At choice:

- Thematic tour "Shevchenkovsky gai"... Shevchenko Hai is a skansen, an open-air museum of folk architecture and everyday life, where authentic buildings from Ukrainian villages have been transported. Entering Gai, you first find yourself in a real Boykovo village: old huts are covered with straw and tiles, a school next to the Singing Field, a small zoo and stakes. Also, the museum presents the folk architecture of the Lemkiv region, Hutsul region, Volyn, Bukovina, Podillya and Polesie. On the territory of Shevchenko Hai you will find a variety of master classes, demonstration performances, and quests.

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- Thematic tour on Lychakiv memorial cemetery. Cemetery-memorial, cemetery-history - this is how you can describe the Lychakiv cemetery-museum, which is rightfully considered one of the oldest and most pompous burial places in all of Europe. On more than 40 hectares of land, there are more than 3 thousand multi-ethnic burials. Famous historians, cultural figures, architects, writers and poets, social activists, warriors, politicians, composers and singers found their refuge here: Ivan Franko, Solomiya Krushelnitskaya, Markiyan Shashkevich, Vladimir Ivasyuk, Ivan Trush, Irina Vilde and many others. Sacred sculptures, magnificent tombs, old family chapels, the place of the Polish burial places "Eagles", the UPA Warriors memorial, "Field of Mars".

luchakovskoe3 lisakov lvovo

- Thematic tour "High Castle"... We invite you to conquer the highest peak of Lviv - the Castle Hill - and reveal the secrets of the legendary fortress of the capital of Galicia, for which the Cossacks fought under the leadership of Maxim Krivonos and the troops of the Swedish king Charles XII. Stunning views of Lviv with several viewing platforms; a restaurant founded in honor of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I; stone lions, who guarded the Lviv City Hall in the Middle Ages; a grotto that was notoriously a place of suicide.

v zamok visok zamok


Free time in Lviv. You can ride a miracle train, visit the show in Opera House, purchase gifts at the souvenir market "Vernissage".

Optional evening themed tour "Night Warta" Of Lviv"... If you suddenly can't sleep at night, look out the window and you will see people with lanterns. Do not be alarmed !! These are the Burgomaster's assistants - they simply protect your sleep ... When dusk falls towards evening in Lviv, and secrets begin to burst in the dark nooks, the night Burgomaster, Pan Schlussel, comes out onto the streets, surrounded by faithful assistants. He monitors the peace of the inhabitants of the city on the light side and looks for intruders on the dark side. Unexpected meetings, eerie legends, ghosts, mysterious rituals - all this awaits you during your night travel. If you are not afraid to become Pan Schlussel's assistants - join us!

nochnaya strazha 001 nochnaya strazha 002

Uzor NU

2 day Breakfast. Countryside bus tour "The Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region". Zolochiv Castle, built on the model of the citadel, a palace in the Renaissance style, one of the three Chinese palaces in Europe. Olesky Castle - the fortress of the XIV century, in which the Polish King Jan Sobieski was born and spent his childhood Bogdan Khmelnytsky, a wonderful example of defensive architecture. Pidhirtsi castle - Palazzo of the XVI century, "Polish Versailles", the family castle of Zhevuski, one of the most famous in Ukraine.

Oleskii zamok  podgoreckiy zamok

Children's groups can be optionally ordered in Oleskoe Castle:

 - Knight's battle with master classes *. You will have a unique opportunity to go back a few centuries ago, see a real knightly battle, take part in a master class on sword possession, hire medieval knightly armor, and shoot a real bow or crossbow. Knights in armor will tell the story of the appearance of weapons, demonstrate various techniques of fighting, and in the end will necessarily hold the ceremony of dedication of everyone who wants to be a knight.

 - Quest "Treasures of the Olesky Castle". Together with the animator, you will look for treasures of the castle, experiencing adventures that will require both physical skills and mental abilities. Gossamer grandmother Derbeliha. The owl puzzles Sophie, the labyrinth of elves - this is only an incomplete list of trials of young adventurers.

Lunch. Return to Lviv. Departure 2-x day tour.

Uzor NU

3 day Breakfast.

You can choose any walking tour:

- Walking tour "Lviv of the Austrian Crown". A tour of Lviv during the 150-year reign of the Austrian emperors, who expanded the city, enriched it with new buildings and whole neighborhoods: Opera theatre, Liberty Avenue, Galician Savings Bank with her seated Statue of Liberty, University. I. Franko (formerly Galician Sejm), House of Scientists (formerly Noble casino), Palace of Justice, first city park in Ukraine, monasteries turned into prisons, Austrian Citadel Mountain, museum of one book "Rusalka Dnestrovskaya", Lviv Scientific Library. . Stefanik, Potocki Palace, Mikolyash's passage and the history of the kerosene lamp, Lviv Philharmonic and Academicheskaya street.

obzorka lvov 02 obzorka lvov 04

- Walking tour "Princely roads of Lviv". Lviv appeared in the middle of the XIII century. on the site of a long-standing settlement around the princely mountain. From here, from the most ancient part of Lviv we will begin the excursion. Acquaintance with the sights of the principality begin from the church of Nicholas, which by tradition is considered the courtyard princely church (XIII century). The second attraction of the Old Russian Lviv is the monastery church of St. Onuphrius. I. Fedorov is buried here at the monastery cemetery, from here begins the history of book printing in Ukraine. On the square Old Market will see the Church of John the Baptist, built, according to legend, for the wife of Prince Leo. Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street remembers the first settlements of Armenians in Lviv and the "tuples" of Prince Lev and Princess Constance. Church of St. Mary of the Snow, founded by German colonists in the XIV century., The Benedictine monastery of the XVI century ..

- Walking tour "Courtyards of Lviv". A fascinating excursion that will show us the Lvovskiy looking-glass. You will learn what lies behind the facades of architectural monuments of the city center, which legends are connected with ancient Lviv courtyards, passages, courtyards. First we will examine from a bird's eye view the courtyard of the tower Town Halls, we will learn about the system of buildings, how they are intertwined with different eras, and then we will discover this mysterious world: ghost courtyards, taverns, cloisters and monasteries, defensive courtyards, as well as an exquisitely romantic Venetian courtyard, a courtyard where toys were lost, and also a theater courtyard in the scenery for performances.

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- Walking tour of the “Streets of the Old Town”. Overview of the most interesting sights - old buildings, cathedrals, parks, fortifications. We will go unique medieval part of the city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Market Square, Latin catheld, the chapel of Boim, the bell tower of Kornyakt, Dominican Cathedral ... Fascinating stories about outstanding people who lived and stayed in the city of Leo, who made his story. Visit the unique corners of the ancient Lviv - Italian and Armenian courtyards. Lviv legends, bikes and historical curiosities, Lviv varieties, pubs, Kneipps, cafes ... And much more!

peshexodka lvov 00 peshexodka lvov 01

- Walking tour "Palaces and Villas of Lviv". Each house is the story of its owner, woven into the history of the city. We will get acquainted with the life of scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, aristocrats. We will explore the palaces and villas that lie comfortably between ordinary houses on ordinary Lviv streets. We begin our acquaintance with Potocki Palacewhich, like one of the castles of the Loire, was designed for receptions and balls. The dance hall (mirror) and the blue lounge, the former dining room of the graph, are truly admirable. Fireplaces, partly wall paintings and stucco were preserved to this day.

Citadel 09 Sapieha Palace Lviv 03

The Sapieha Palace, which was called the magic box, was the ancestral home of the Lithuanian-Russian princes. This miniature neo-Baroque palace cost almost as much as the magnificent building of the Potocki Palace nearby.

Hidden in the garden among the trees, one can see the former palace of the Counts Golukhovsky. Also on our way will meet the neo-romantic villa and the creative workshop of the Polish artist Jan Jocky, the villa of journalist Ludwik Maslowski. We conclude with a tour of the luxurious and romantic stone houses of the Lviv elite on General Chuprynka Street, stretching from the Church of Mary Magdalene (now the house of organ and chamber music) to Lviv Polytechnic.

sobor sv yura likochavscoen cladb


Excursion "Pearl of Lviv - Opera theatre». The Opera House is the pearl and decoration of the city, one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. You will see the interiors of the Opera, you will see the auditorium in the shape of a lyre with balconies decorated with stucco and gold. An unusual impression is made by the ceiling with allegorical female images. But the most unusual atmosphere and luxury is created by Venetian mirrors, which decorated the so-called "mirror" foyer.

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Free time, shopping for souvenirs. You can visit Chocolate workshop, Lviv Coffe Mine, the Arsenal Museum of Weapons, the Territory of Terror Museum or the Historical Museum with the Royal and Throne Halls.

maysternya chokolaty  majsternya shokoladu kramnitsya

Transfer to the station. Departure to Kharkov by train number 112 at 14-30 or train number 45 at 3-23

            Arrival in Kharkov, respectively, at 10-23 (train number 112) or at 22-07 (train number 45).


Optional to visit / order:

  • excursion to the stadium "Arena Lviv"
  • Museum of the history of weapons "Arsenal"
  • Historical Museum with royal and throne hall
  • Museum of Historical Treasures
  • Lychakiv Cemetery
  • Shevchenkovsky gai
  • Museum of Sacral Sculpture in Shevchenko Guy
  • Museum of the Post
  • New Museum of Nature
  • Museum "Pharmacy"
  • Museum "Secret Pharmacy"
  • National Museum. Sheptytsky
  • I.Pinzel Museum
  • House - Museum I.Franko
  • Museum S. Krushelnitskoy
  • Latin Cathedral
  • Armenian Church
  • Italian courtyard
  • Potocki Palace
  • museum-studio graphics Leopold Levitsky 
  • room - museum "In the footsteps of the Galician Jews"
  • Synagogue space
  • Museum-Memorial to the Victims of the Occupation Regimes "Prison in Lontsky"
  • USSR Museum Yard
  • lost toy museum
  • Museum of Ideas in the Bernardine Monastery
  • glass museum
  • furniture museum
  • climbing the highest architectural structure of Lviv - the Church of St. Olga and Elizabeth (88 m)

  • Eureka - an interactive museum of interesting science and technology
  • numerous master classes in Lviv (candles, motanka-dolls, angels, quilling, engraving, icon on glass, pysanka, embroidery, typography, pottery, magnets from Lviv, T-shirt from Lviv, etc.) 
  • culinary master classes (traditional Lviv gingerbread "Yurashka", chocolates, pizza, dumplings, bouquets of sweets, Easter cakes, kutia, donuts and much more)
  • knightly fight with a master class
  • various quests and master classes in the museum of folk architecture "Shevchenkovskiy gai": mandala, decoupage, playing musical instruments, embroidery, yavorivskaya painting, wool felting, beadwork, origami, etc.)
  • launching sky lanterns with your wishes from the High Castle or from another interesting place

  • visit to the water park "Beach"
  • year-round skating rink in the center King Cross Leopolis
  • organ concert in the Dominican cathedral
  • photo tours around Lviv
  • dramatized excursions, quests, ceremonies
  • excursion to the Lviv tram
  • tasting beer, Lviv tinctures, coffee, Lviv cuisine, etc.
  • acquaintance with Lviv coffee houses ("Zukernya", "Veronika", "Manufactory of Coffee", "Na Bambetle", gallery - coffee house "Stuck", etc.)
  • a visit to author's knipes (Kumpel, Kryivka, House of Legends, Meat and Justice, etc.).
  • Lviv Opera - performance
  • other Lviv theaters, entertainment centers, night clubs, discos

Attention! All museums, optional excursions, events, workshops, entertainment, etc. booked when booking a tour!

The cost per person in UAH.

Cost 2-day tour:

group / hotel 5 + 1 10 + 1 15 + 2 15 + 1 20 + 2 24 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 4
economy option
 (conveniences on the floor, 
3-6-local numbers), without power
3200 2700 2400 2300 2200 2100 2000 1850
hotel economy class / hostel
(conveniences on the block / floor, from 4 to 16 people in the room)
3700 3200 2900 2800 2700 2600 2500 2350
Hotel 3 * 
(4-5-local numbers with conveniences)
3850 3350 3050 2950 2850 2750 2650 2500
hotel 3 * tour class
(15-20 min from the center,
2-3-local numbers)
4000 3500 3200 3100 3000 2900 2800 2650
hotel 3 * business class
(15-20 min from the center,
2-3-local numbers, breakfast buffet)
4250 3800 3500 3400 3300 3200 3100 2950

 Cost 3-day tour:

group / hotel 5 + 1 10 + 1 15 + 2 15 + 1 20 + 2 24 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 4
economy option
 (conveniences on the floor, 
3-6-local numbers), without power
3700 3200 2900 2800 2700 2600 2500 2350
hotel economy class / hostel
(conveniences on the block / floor, from 4 to 16 people in the room)
4200 3700 3400 3300 3200 3100 3000 2850
Hotel 3 * 
(4-5-local numbers with conveniences)
4400 3950 3650 3550 3450 3350 3250 3100
hotel 3 * tour class
(15-20 min from the center,
2-3-local numbers)
4750 4300 4000 3900 3800 3700 3600 3450
hotel 3 * business class
(15-20 min from the center,
2-3-local numbers, breakfast buffet)
5250 4800 4500 4400 4300 4200 4100 3950


railway pass (reserved seat), ticket reservation, group supervision by the tour operator representative, excursion service, transport service according to the program, accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category, meals according to the program, insurance.


  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • The tour is valid for groups of at least 5 people. At the request of customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group, the cost of rail travel, high or low season, etc.
  • The cost of the tour is not valid in the New Year and Christmas period.
  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • Entrance tickets to visited facilities, optional events, master classes, tastings are paid additionally. 
  • Additionally, you can order food: lunches, dinners, lunchboxes.
  • For adult groups, it is possible to miscalculate a tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov.


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