Lumshory is a popular resort of Transcarpathia, located on the road Perechin - Svaliava, surrounded by forests and mountains. The mountain village of Lumshory, in the Perechyn district of the Transcarpathian region, has long been known as a balneological resort.

Warmed vats of water from a hydrogen sulfide mineral spring began to be used in Lumshory for medical procedures as early as the 17th century. Hydrogen sulfide baths were treated in patients with impaired locomotor apparatus. One of the old cast-iron tanks is now in Austria, the other was found by a local resident on the bank of the river. Turichki not far from his house. Now it is again used for its intended purpose.

The chan is filled with cold mineral water from the source, river stones are laid on the bottom, then the water is gradually heated on an open fire. When the temperature reaches 30 degrees, you can start taking a bath, alternating immersion in hot water with cooling in a mountain stream. The old Austrian vat of 250 liters holds 2 people. Modern tanks make up to 12 people.

Now in the village of Lumshory, different hosts have 18 vats cast according to old technology. Three of them are located on the territory of the local kolyba.

Another not less attractive attraction of this Carpathian region are the waterfalls of the Turichka River. In addition to five large ones - Partizan, Burkach, Nightingale, Crest and Krutilo, along the stream of the mountain river there are many small recessions. Each of them is individual in its form and beauty. Lumshore waterfalls remain one of the reasons for the aspiration of tourists to a secluded corner of the wild nature of the Carpathians.

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