Waterfall Shipot

Shipot - a waterfall in the Mezhgorsky district of the Transcarpathian region, about 10 km from the Volovets railway station, and also the name of one of the largest annual gatherings of informals near it in Ukraine and in nearby countries.

The waterfall is a famous tourist place. At the present time, Shipot is commercialized and the ways of passage to it. The place attracts wealthy tourists, for whom restaurants and snack bars are built. On the slope of the mountain was built a barrier and attempts were made to charge a fee for the passage to the mountain.

It is planned to build a ski lift near the waterfall. Waterfall Shipot is located on the river Pylypets in 6 km from the village. Pilipets Mezhgoprosky district in Transcarpathia.
Water falls down numerous picturesque cascades, fascinating the views of tourists. The stream begins its stream in the high Borzhavsky Poloninas, from where the freshness and coolness are borne by the deep gorge.

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