Lake Synevyr

The blue pearl of the Carpathians is called Synevyr Lake, which seems to "hang" under the clouds, surrounded by dense fir trees. This real drop of the sea among the mountains - "Sea Eye" - is located at an altitude of 989 meters.

Lake Synevyr emerged as a result of the collapse in the ice age. The crystal surface of the lake is surrounded by mountains covered with centennial firs. For tourists organized trips to the mountain Ozerna (1550 m), from the top of which you can make sure of the fairness of another name of the Synevyr lake - "Sea Eye".

The lake arose as a result of a blockage in the Mezhgorny region of the Transcarpathian region near the village of Sinevirskaya Polyana. It is located on the southern slopes of the Gorgan in the gorge formed by the Ozernaya mountains (1495 m) and Slenizir (1235 m) and spur of the Ridge at an altitude of 987 m above sea level. The area of ​​the lake is 7 ha. the average depth is 16-17 m., the maximum depth is 24 m. The deepening was formed as a result of rock collapse and overlapping of the valley of the mountain stream and has an oblong-round shape.

The lake feeds on surface and atmospheric waters, a small stream flows from the lake (the Terebly basin). The water in the lake is slightly mineralized, clean, transparent, has a constant temperature (+ 11 C). The banks are covered with forest, the aquatic vegetation develops exclusively along the coastal strip. The fauna is represented by separate types of microscopic crustaceans, trout are found. The lake is located within the boundaries of the natural national park Synevyr.

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