Holy Duchy monastery, Pochaev

The Holy Dukhov monastery is another holy place in Pochaev, a place of pilgrimage for believers from all over the world. The history of the Holy Spiritual monastery begins with 1197 year. According to documentary evidence, Methodius founded a small chapel on one of the Pochaev mountains.

And later, in 1219 year, at the top of this mountain lay the monastery and the temple of the Transfiguration of the Lord. The monastery was distinguished by the strictness of monastic life. Later in it, a printing house and a theological school were founded.

The walls of the monastery became its original chronicle: the monks recorded all important events on them. In 16-17 centuries, the monastery suffered troubles: first it was ravaged by raids, then a pestilential plague destroyed almost all the monks.

Restoration of the monastery began in 1901 year - here, in the silence of age-old trees, on the mountain, founded the monastery of the Holy Spirit. But in the Soviet times it was closed again. In the walls of the monastery, a psychiatric dispensary was arranged. And the monks moved to the Pochaev Lavra.

The second revival of the monastery, which became a monastery, began in 1990 year. The monks restored the goalkeeper church of Onufry the Great, the Church of All Saints, erected a corps for cells, a stone fence around the monastery. Also built a bell tower and three chapels.

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