Petros (2 m) is one of the largest peaks of the Montenegrin ridge and all the Carpathian mountains. The steep slopes of Petros are very attractive for tourists to climb: from the top, the entire Montenegrin ridge can be seen at a glance from Hoverla itself to Popa-Ivan!

Petros is suitable for climbing at any time of the year. In winter, this "adventure" category of complexity 2-A, and in the summer here mountaineers climb even without special training. Although there is no such influx of tourists as on Goverla. Most of the groups that meet on Montenegro, descend to the valley after the highest mountain of Ukraine - Hoverla, and the neighboring Petros do not swing.

Like most Carpathian dvuhtysyachnikov, Petros can be overcome in one day. And not only the majestic panorama of the Montenegrin ridge opens to the conquerors of the summit, but even the mysterious Transylvania can be seen in clear weather.

Petros has his own legend, of course. It is said that in times of glory a terrible beast, Strachupud, lived on one of the peaks - the likeness of the Greek Minotaur. Local residents were afraid of him and brought him to the farm once a week, then a sheep, a calf, a foal. This continued until the two orphans saved the entire district from this monster.

And they say that Petros is the mountain of the ancient god Perun. Here, thunder is constantly thundering, the obak is enveloping the peak, and Orthodox symbols do not take root on the mountain: the wind often breaks the crosses, strikes the chapel with lightning, tears the dome.

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