Sheshore waterfalls

Sheshorye Silver waterfalls are one of the most popular waterfalls in the Carpathians. The cascade of waterfalls is right in the center of the village of Sheshory, near Kosovo, it is convenient to get to them from any corner of the Carpathians.

The Sheshore waterfalls are two - Big Hook and Small Hook, they are located a short distance from each other. Small Hook falls from a height of 2 meters, the Great Hook is higher, the height of the fall of the water is about 4 meters. Large Hook with the fall of water forms a lake depth of 1,5 meters, which the locals call it "Siniplyaso."

In the summer, waterfalls are transformed into a local water resort: local people and tourists bathe around in the river and bathe in the river. The bravest risk to raft down the waterfall down the lake. The Pistynka River is not very deep, so the water in it can warm up in the summer.

If you do not want to swim in the waterfall, but make beautiful photographs, then the ideal time for this - October or April, when the waterfalls are the most powerful and full. Or else a snowy Carpathian winter, when the water on the waterfalls freezes with bizarre silver outgrowths sparkling in the sun.

Perhaps, the name "Silver" waterfalls was received in honor of them.

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