Potocki Palace in Lviv

The most luxurious palace in Lviv - the Potocki Manor - was created for the influential Polish magnates of Potocki under the project of the French architect Ludwig de Verney with the participation of the Polish architect Yu Tsibulsky. Its style reminds the palace of the French castles of the era of classicism. 

Preserved interiors in the style of King Louis XVI. In particular, on the ground floor there are ceremonial rooms for reception of visitors, in the design of which the stucco molding, gilding, colored marble, painting are widely used.

In Soviet times, here was the Palace of Marriages. Now the building is occupied by the Museum of European Art (branch of the Lviv Art Gallery). Here are the works of the painters of the 14th-18th centuries. from different countries of Europe.

In the courtyard of the Potocki Palace a park of miniature castles was opened. The architect I.Kachor created on 1 scale: 50 mock-ups of 8 fortification structures existing now or existing earlier on the historical lands of Ukraine-Rus: Ostrozhsky Castle (XIV century), defensive church in Sutkivtsi (XV century), church in Bisch (XVII) ), the Templar castle in the Middle (XIII c.), the Olesk castle (XIV century), the church in the Polish Posada of Rybotitskaya (XIV century), the tower in Byelorussian Kamenets (XIII c.) and the Lviv High Castle (XIII c.). ).

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