Kosiv - a city in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, located at an altitude of 450 m above sea level at the foot of the Pokut-Bukovina Carpathians, the real capital of Hutsul folk art. The territory of the Kosovskiy district belongs to the National Natural Park "Hutsulshchina". 

You can come to Kosovo at any time of the year. Not only lovers of alpine skiing and climbers rest here, but also those who like equestrian, rural, green tourism or sightseeing tours.

In Hutsul'shchina, in particular in Kosovo, there have long been favorable conditions for the development of art crafts. Forests provided excellent material for turning, carving and burning. Therefore, it is here that entrepreneurs from all over Ukraine and Europe go to wholesale markets for authentic Hutsul souvenirs.

Over the city center, the Cliffs of the City Mountain rise with the remains of the defensive castle walls. On the mountain nature as if cut images of fantastic creatures, fanciful figures in the form of towers of ancient castles and pointed spiers rising to the sky.

Among the sights of the Kosiv region, the "House of St. Nicholas" in the village is especially popular with tourists. Pistyn is the "official residence" of the beloved saint, patron saint of children and travelers; The Kosovo Falls is a geological natural monument of local importance.

In Kosovo, there is a fine museum of folk art and life of Hutsulshchina, in which works of Hutsul folk arts and crafts of the 19th and 20th centuries are represented: hutsul clothes, ornaments, metal products, hand-painted ceramics, fine wood carvings and inlays, colorful textiles and embroidery.

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