The Trufaniec Falls

Waterfall Trufyanets - the highest waterfall in Transcarpathia! The water here falls from a height of 36 meters, forming a system of five scenic cascades.

The Trufanets waterfall starts at an altitude of about 1720 meters above sea level, on the southeast slope of the Svidovets mountain range. Before falling into the Black Tisu, the Trufanets stream overcomes about 3 km along the mountains, and for a while it flows under the ground.

This is one of the few large waterfalls, for the inspection of which so far do not charge a fee. Above the waterfall for the convenience of tourists is equipped with a beautiful wooden gazebo in Hutsul style. The waterfall is surrounded by forest, so in the summer you have a cool and cool shade.

The waterfall is located near the highway Ivano-Frankivsk - Uzhgorod between Hutsul villages Yasinya and Kvass.

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