Manyavsky Skeet

 In 25 km. from the railway station Nadvirna in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the picturesque gorge of the Carpathian Mountains, is the ancient village of Manyava. Here, among the Carpathian pine-trees, an ancient monastery-monastery of the XVII century stands on a cliff above the river. 

 It was founded by natives of Athos by monks Jov Knyaginetsky and Ivan Vishensky. The date of the founding of Manyavsky monastery is 1608 year. It was then that the first mention of it appeared in the annals. Once this monastery obeyed directly to the Patriarch of Constantinople. At one time there was a large library of early printed books.

 Legends say that in 30-40 years of the XVIII century, the legendary leader of Hutsul insurgents Olexa Dovbush repeatedly visited here. In the middle of the XVII century. in the monastery was up to 200 monks. He had dozens of monasteries in subordination in Galicia, Bukovina and even in Moldova. In 1612 in the monastery the Cross Exaltation Church was erected. In 1620-1621 the monastery was surrounded by a defensive wall with three towers. However, during the Turkish raid in 1676, the monastery was destroyed and restored only in 1681 year.

 There is a suggestion that on the territory of the monastery is buried the hetman of Ukraine Ivan Vigovsky, who died in 1664 year. Another Manyavsky monastery is famous for its iconostasis, created at the end of the XVII century by the icon painter hieromonk Iov Kondzelevich. This majestic structure, measuring 13 x 11 meters, consists of six rows, in which there are about 100 icons of different sizes, from miniatures to icons of more than two meters. Significantly, the iconostasis stands next to the same outstanding monuments as the Kozeletz Iconostasis in Chernigov and Sorochinsky in Poltava.

In 1970-1980 years in the monastery were carried out significant restoration work. After that Maniavsky monastery was declared a historical and architectural reserve. At the moment on the territory of the monastery is located the Krestovozdvizhensky Monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate. Well, above the monastery is located one of the most beautiful Carpathian waterfalls - Maniavsky Falls. True, you can get there only on foot, having covered a distance of about 7 km. on mountain trails.

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