Water and mountains. Corporative in Truskavets

The balneological resort Truskavets is located in the foothills of the Ukrainian Carpathians, at an altitude of 400 m. Since the XNUMXth century, Truskavets has been famous for its healing springs, which have no analogues in the world.

Nature generously endowed Truskavets with a variety of gifts:

- therapeutic mineral waters with organic matter content;

- crystal clear air of the Carpathian Mountains;

- picturesque parks and green squares;

- a rich history and many unique historical sites;

- swimming pools, spa-centers for rest and relaxation;

- a conference service to reinforce the corporate spirit.

We appreciate your comfort and peace of mind. Therefore, we offer the organization of corporate recreation at one of the most famous resorts in Ukraine - in Truskavets.

In the program of the tour: railway passage from Kharkov, transport and excursion service, accommodation in Truskavets in a comfortable hotel, catering, architectural gems of Drogobych, fortress Tustan, tasting of mineral waters of Truskavets and Skhidnytsia, spa complexes.


Lviv - Drohobych - Truskavets - Skhidnytsia - Boryslav

Duration of the tour

from 3 days


Vesna Hotel, Truskavets

located in a picturesque park area of ​​the unique resort of Truskavets, next to the mineral water pump-room. The windows offer a beautiful view of the resort park, pump room and the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains. There is a free Wi-Fi zone throughout the hotel.
vesna truskavets 001 vesna truskavets 001 01

Standard rooms

The area of ​​the standard room is 17 m2. Rooms of this category are furnished and equipped with everything necessary: ​​carpeting, 2 single beds or 1 double bed, sideboard, table, curbstone, cupboard, cutlery for 2 person, electric kettle, refrigerator, TV, mirror. The room has a bathroom with all amenities, balcony.
vesna truskavets 004 standart vesna truskavets 004 standart

Superior rooms

The area of ​​the Superior room is 17 m2. The room is equipped with everything you need: double bed, table, wardrobe, cutlery for 2 persons, electric kettle, refrigerator, plasma TV, hairdryer, mirror, set of mini perfumes. The room has a balcony overlooking the pump room, a bathroom with seven amenities.
vesna truskavets 005 uluchsheniy vesna truskavets 007 uluchsheniy

vesna truskavets 006 uluchsheniy vesna truskavets 008 uluchsheniy


by program

in hotel - the Swedish line
vesna truskavets 010 vesna truskavets 009 



Type of tour


Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov to Lviv by train № 46 in 12-28

1 day Arrival to Lviv in 8-05. Meeting the group at the station.

Transfer Lviv - Truskavets.

On the road, optional:

Walking tour "Streets of the old Of Lviv"* Ancient buildings, cathedrals, parks, fortifications. A unique medieval part of the city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Market Square, Latin catheld, Dominican Cathedral.  Fascinating stories about the famous people who created the history of Lviv, tales, legends, historical curiosities. Unique corners of ancient Lviv - Italian and Armenian courtyards.

9 10

- Bus excursion "Tustan-Kamenka-Truskavets" *:

Urich. Near the village of Urich we visit picturesque Uritsky rocks, where once there was an Old Russian fortress Tustan. You can see the remains of an artificial wall, caves, stairs, rock corridors. From the rock walls of the former fortress a magnificent panorama of the Carpathians and the environs opens. To date, the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Tustan" has been established here.

Waterfall Kamenka - one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Carpathians, located in the National Natural Park "Skolivskie Beskydy."

rock dobush ekskursiia tustan 9

Moving to Truskavets.  Short sightseeing tour of Truskavets - a resort city, a park city, one of the oldest balneological resorts in Europe. The city is known for its healing mineral water "Naftusya", which can be tasted in the central mineral water pump-room. In Truskavets, wooden villas built in the Zakopane style (XIX-XX centuries) have been preserved, arousing interest in the exposition of the Mikhail Bilas Art Museum and the Museum of the Truskavets resort.

Check-in at the hotel according to the estimated time (12-00). Lunch. Free time. Dinner.

Uzor NU

2-4 day Rest in Truskavets. Breakfast. Dinner. Dinner.

We invite you to visit "Royal SPA & Wellness Center" of the sanatorium-resort complex "Luxury Resort" of the hotel "Geneva" * (for an additional fee). This is one of the best SPA centers in the country: for your pleasure 11 swimming pools (including sports and children's, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi with mineral water, 2 pools with Dead Sea water, Japanese ofuro ...) and 18 saunas and baths (Roman baths, Turkish hammam, strong hammam, Russian steam room, Finnish sauna, sanarium, aroma saunas, aromagraphs, salt grottoes, cedar sauna, infrared and children's saunas ...).

Uzor NU

5 day Breakfast.

Eviction from the rooms according to the estimated time (10-00). Transfer to Lviv.

Optionally, you can book a tour "Borislav-Drohobych" *:

Borislav - the former oil capital of Galicia, glorified in the works of I. Franko. Thousands of pilgrims come here to the church of St. Anna (1902r.), Where more than two thousand relics of various saints are kept, brought here from all over the world.

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Drogobych.One of the most beautiful cities in Western Ukraine, the capital of salt production. Market Square with the Town Hall, the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Gothic Church of St. Bartolomeo, the 1657th century belfry, wooden churches, the XNUMXth century salt pit is the oldest operating enterprise in Ukraine. The most famous landmark of Drohobych is the wooden Boykov church of St. George (XV century, XNUMX), included in the UNESCO list. Places associated with the "Ukrainian Kamenyar" Ivan Franko and the "Galician Kafka" Bruno Schulz.

Transfer to the railway station.

Departure from Lvov to Kharkov by train № 112 in 17-40.

        Arrival in Kharkov in 13-32.

The cost per person in UAH.

the cost of 3-day tour:

group / hotel 10 people 15 people 20 people 28 people 40 people
hotel "Spring",  Centre
close to the pump room, standard rooms
2950 2750 2600 2450 2350
hotel "Spring",  Centre
close to the pump room, rooms improved
3350 3150 3000 2850 2750

the cost of 4-day tour:

group / hotel 10 people 15 people 20 people 28 people 40 people
hotel "Spring",  Centre
close to the pump room, standard rooms
3450 3250 3100 2950 2850
hotel "Spring",  Centre
close to the pump room, rooms improved
4000 3800 3650 3500 3400

the cost of 5-day tour:

group / hotel 10 people 15 people 20 people 28 people 40 people
hotel "Spring",  Centre
close to the pump room, standard rooms
3950 3750 3600 3450 3350
hotel "Spring",  Centre
close to the pump room, rooms improved
4650 4450 4300 4150 4050 


railway pass (reserved seat), booking tickets, transfers, accommodation in rooms with private facilities in the hotel "Spring", meals 3-x one-time buffet, insurance.


  • The tour is valid for groups of at least 10 people. At the request of customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group, the cost of rail travel, high or low season, etc.
  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • Entrance tickets to visited facilities, optional events, master classes, tastings, spa procedures, treatment are paid additionally. 
  • For adult groups, it is possible to miscalculate a tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov.


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