Saint Miklos Castle

On the highway Kiev - Chop, not reaching 12 km. up to Mukachevo, there is a modest congress on the village. Chynadiyevo. Passing by nothing significant in the window of the car you will not see.

However, in the village there is a very interesting, and in its attractive, historical monument - the castle "Saint Miklos" or the castle of St. Nicholas.

The castle was built, somewhere between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, then it was looted in the 17th century. Poles. Approximately 1705 by 1710 Here Ferenc Rakoczi II was the leader of the Hungarian liberation movement. At this time it was a real defensive castle with two towers, a lot of loopholes and one meter outer walls, surrounded by ramparts and moats.

In the XVIII century, the Austrian emperor gave all the lands in the county of Shenborn, so the castle lost its defensive significance and soon a beautiful park was built near the castle. Further, the history of the castle was on the wane, there was no trace left of the park, first the German prison, then the village council, then the leshoz, the hostel and the total - a box without windows and doors.

But there was a beautiful man, the artist Josip Bartosh, who took this building for rent and his own initiative - he removes the lock from garbage, repairs the roof, places the windows on the first floor, makes repairs in several rooms and, we hope, will continue.

Now he also conducts excursions in the castle grounds and hopes for any support of his undertakings. And most importantly - in the castle "Saint Miklos" live a good cast that helps people find their soul mate. In 1682, Countess Ilona Zrini, the wife of Count Ferenc Rákóczi I, fell in love with the rebel Imre Tekeli. In this castle there were secret meetings. When the countess died, a ghost appeared in the castle. Josef Bartosz also met his future wife Tatyana here. There are many stories about dating in this castle, which ended in great love. Therefore, we can say that in this castle there lives not only a good cast, but in this castle love itself lives.

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