Carpathians and Tatras. Transcarpathia - Slovakia - Hungary

The visa-free regime provided us all with an excellent opportunity to expand the geography of excursions! Now you can take a day trip to our Transcarpathian neighbors, the Slovaks and Hungarians, on the 1-2 of the day. And for this you need everything - simply: a biometric passport, a little desire and a little money!

You will have a great opportunity to compare:

- Chiyu castles are more beautiful and more powerful - Ukrainian or Slovak;

- chi thermal pools and water parks are cleaner and cooler - Ukrainian or Hungarian;

- whose national cuisine is tastier and more varied - Transcarpathian or European;

- what kind of animal lives better - in cages or in natural conditions;

- where the speed is higher - on the ski run or on the bobsled track;

- whose mountains are taller and steeper than the Carpathians or Tatras;

- and of course, where the prices are lower - with us or with them!

We begin the comparative characteristic! Order a tour "Carpathians and Tatras"!

In the program of the tour: railway fare from Kharkov, transport - excursion service, accommodation in Mukachevo in a comfortable hotel, meals, excursions in Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, Nyiregyhaza, Debrecen, Poprad, Kosice, castles, water parks, thermal baths, zoos, tastings, attractions, dramatized tours, quests.


Mukachevo - Chinadievo - Berehove - Play - Uzhgorod - Nyiregyhaza - Debrecen - Kosice - Poprad - Spissky Castle

Duration of the tour

4-5 days


hotels in Mukachevo, Debrecen, Poprad



Type of tour


Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov by train number 46 in 12-28.

1 day Arrival of Art. Carpathians in 12-34, meeting group. 

Excursion "Secrets of two castles". Tourists will visit the territory of the hunting estate castle of the Austrian Count Schönborn, they will try to count all his windows, chimneys, doors and towers, will be surprised to recall famous movies in which they have already seen these romantic silhouettes, they will look younger by drinking from the Source of Beauty.

zamok shenborna 5 zamok shenborna 6

Next we will go on the road that led from the Russian Gate to Saint Miklos Castle XV century. You will see Chinadievsky castle, and the story of the guide snatches from the darkness of the centuries the secrets and riddles of his famous owners, the romantic stories of brave knights and seductive beauties. If you are lucky, the castle tour will be led by its owner, the artist Joseph Bartosh.

chinadievo01 chinadievo02

Active tourists will definitely want to participate in quest "Royal card" on the castle of Saint-Miklos.

Transfer to Mukachevo, check in to hotel. Dinner.


- excursion - tasting "Celtic Yard under Lovachka" *:

Celts, Gauls, Druids ... These words are most often associated with Scotland, Ireland or France, and yet the blood of this proud people flows in the veins of Mukachevites - from the third century BC between the mountains Galish and Lovacca there was the most eastern Celtic an opiate in Europe. "Celtic courtyard under Lovachka" offers tasting of fruit flakes and tinctures (slivovitz, nutcracker, chereshnevka, pears, hurmovka ...), as well as several types of vermouth, cooked on three dozen herbs .. The tasting is held in an ancient forty-five-foot cellar at the foot Mount Lovacca, on the slopes of which already more than 500 years grow grapes ..
kelt 01 kelt 02

- Excursion - tasting "Mukachevo with the aroma of coffee" *.  The aroma of coffee has firmly entered the life of modern man. In Transcarpathia, coffee began to drink for 50 years earlier than in Vienna, years on 80 - than in Lviv, and in Soviet times the brand "Coffee in Zakarpattya" was an inseparable line of the menu of all decent restaurants, even when the rest for coffee gave out tinted in glasses of boiling water. On this excursion, tourists not only learn about the history of the appearance of coffee, the types and ways of making this divine drink, but also taste its seven varieties in the best coffee house Mukachev.

- Evening facultative tour - attraction in the castle of St Miklos - "Ball in a medieval castle"*Many of us would like to at least briefly find ourselves in the Middle Ages, get into its atmosphere, feel the romance of that era ... We invite you to spend an amazing evening in a medieval castle. Tourists hitting are participants of the 1681 Ball of the Year! Ball - cover an important political and love meeting. Tourists will have to shoot an archery, visit a dungeon, learn to dance a minuet and sing a song, drink wine with the real owner of a real castle. Ladies will learn the secrets of the language of fans. Men try on the weight of this sword. A medieval evening awaits you, which will allow you to plunge into the bright unforgettable atmosphere of the 16th century!

zamok l zamol liubvi01

Uzor NU

2 day Зavtrak. 

Tour Mukachevo "The City of Latoritsa". During the tour, we will get acquainted with the ancient (1118 years) and eternally young city of Mukachevo, with its amazing history and architecture. Tourists will visit covered with legends Palanock Castle, The turbulent history of which is connected with the history of almost all the countries of Central Europe, to visit the historic city center, surrounded once the city walls, see the original monument to Cyril and Methodius, a copy of which is decorated with the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, make a New Year's wishes by rubbing the bronze button on the chimney sweep and finger of Prince Fyodor Koriatovich.

mukachevo 01 mukachevo 03

Is possible dramatized tour of Mukachevo castle Palanok.

Tourists will be able to wander through the old streets Mukachevo, imbued with the free spirit of its inhabitants, who live in the center of Europe and sometimes consider provincials of those who themselves are proud of their proximity to different capitals, sit in numerous street cafes, which are full of people even during working hours, chatting in the bazaar, listening to Ruthenian, Hungarian, Ukrainian speech of merchants from neighboring villages, go to churches of different denominations and try to understand how they manage to live so peacefully with neighbors of different nationalities.

Optional are offered:

various tastings: caramel tasting at the Caramel Workshop, honey tasting at the Honey Hut or a master class from the Bondarenko Confectionery House

- uh"Hungarian Czardas". There is a small town in Transcarpathia Beregovo, where mostly Hungarians live. During the tour, acquaintance with the outstanding monuments of Beregsas, history, national traditions, culture of Transcarpathian Hungarians will take place. Possible swimming in the pool with thermal mineral water "Skylark" or CSS "ZCarpathian ".

beregovo001 beregovo002

- Departure to the baths “Thermal waters Kosino"* The modern health and entertainment complex "Thermal Waters Kosino" is located in a beautiful oak grove and has 5 pools and 7 saunas. Average temperature in thermal pools + 41 °C. The pride of the complex is the largest jacuzzi fountains in Ukraine - coffee, wine, beer, etc., as well as fountain-illusion "Golden Faucet of Health" in height 15,5 meters.

kosino001 kosino002

- In winter time, departure to one of the ski resorts *: ski resort Play(in the village of Plavje); the city of Gyumba (Pylypets village); Krasia (p. tower). Skiing, recreation.

play play2


Uzor NU

3 - 4 day Breakfast. 

Optional 1-day or 2-day trips to Europe * are offered:

1-day excursion to Hungary in the city of Nyiregyhaza *.

One of the largest cities in the northeast of the country. This friendly town captures the magnificent architecture, well-kept parks, pleases with unique entertainment centers and a huge zoo, even by European standards. Magnificent houses in the style of secession, decorated with mosaics, unsurpassed sacral architecture, familiarity with the historical and cultural traditions of Hungary.

Aquapark "Aquarius". Here you will find indoor and outdoor pools, a jacuzzi, and for children, treasure island and high-speed slides will be especially interesting.

Another highlight of Nyiregyhaza is the zoo. Located deep in an oak forest in a picturesque area. On an area of ​​350 thousand sq. M. you will meet a wide variety of animals from all over the world! More than 5000 specimens and 500 species, among them: white tiger, African elephant, Indian rhino, Komodo dragon and many others.

Zoo02 Zoo01

2-day excursion to Hungary with accommodation in a hotel in the city of Debrecen *.

Moving to. Debrecen (165 km. from Mukachevo)check in hotel.

City tour of Debrecen. Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary. This city is known for its Nagyordio Park (Big Forest), which operates a large thermal spas. This is one of the most popular resorts in the country. Among the sights of the city - the oldest in the country operating hotel "Golden Bull", the building of the city municipality in the style of classicism, the Greek Catholic Church, the Cathedral of St. Anna, the Dery Museum and an old mill. Debrecen twice was the capital of Hungary. The pride of the city is the largest Reformed cathedral in the country.

Visiting the thermal bath with a sauna center, water park.

debrecen01 debrecen04

Visiting possible the zoo in Niregygaz.

The Hungarian city of Nyíregyháza is located in the northeast near the Ukrainian border. The Zoo in Nyiregaz is the largest in Hungary and on its territory (and this is 30 hectares) and by the number of animals living in it, and it is unique in that it is in a natural environment, in an oak forest, in 5 km from the city. In total, it inhabits more than 5000 animals and more 300 species of plants. The zoo is proud that only here you can see antelope, white tigers, African elephants, tiger shark and macaw parrot.

1-day excursion to Slovakia in the city of Kosice *.

Meet the beautiful city Kosice - an opportunity to take a sip of air in Europe; taste the delicious local cuisine; visit the zoo with a cool dynopark, ride with the wind on the bobsleigh track.

56 hectares of the central part of Kosice have been declared a state historical architectural landmark. For comparison, in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, only 18 hectares are considered such a territory. You will see the pearl of Kosice, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture - the Cathedral of St. Alzhbeta. It is not surprising that this structure was built for two centuries! Inside, you can admire frescoes and statues. The building of the city theater, whose ceiling is decorated with scenes from Shakespeare's works, the fantastic beauty of the churches and towers of St. Urban, charming parks with fountains, a singing Fountain unique even for Europe.

Pastry shops are especially good in Kosice. Oh, what strudels and cakes are there! A visit to the zoo with a dinopark and a bobsleigh track will be an excellent addition to the experience of the city center tour.

2-day excursion to Slovakia with hotel accommodation in Kosice or Poprad *

The passage of the Ukrainian-Slovak border. Moving to Spissky grad Spissky - hail - the largest fortress in Slovakia, a monument to the UNESCO World Heritage of the XII century.

We are invited by the second largest city of Slovakia - Kosice. A small but stubborn stream, descending from the mountains, created the form and history of this city. Walking tour of the Old Town: the Cathedral of St. Alzhbety - one of the most beautiful Gothic temples in the world, the tower-bell tower of St. Urban, the City Theater, the plague tower, etc.

City Poprad - The main city of the High Tatras region. Poprad is a famous resort in Slovakia, which is located in the valley between the High and Low Tatras.

If you wish, dinner and dancing in a Slovak hut - hunting trophies, trinkets on the walls, antique fireplaces, wooden walls, chairs, tables. The sincere atmosphere will not leave anyone indifferent ... That evening, you will be offered only the Slovak national cuisine.

Fans of water entertainment can visit the Tatra Aquapark "Aquacity" in Poprad "AquaCiti Poprad ", which is located at the source of thermal water and in all pools of which only thermal water is used.

Uzor NU

4-5 day Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.

You can choose from one of the following excursion routes:

- Excursion "Nevitsky Castle - a highlight of the Middle Ages »:

We get acquainted with the outpost of the castle Ung - Nevitsky castle of the XIV century, which from ancient times blocked the enemy's way along the valley of the river Uzh to the Uzhan valley. Every stone of it breathes with medieval sternness. This is a sample of medieval fortification, with moats, towers of various shapes carved out in stone slopes, barbican, deadly curses and a beautiful donzhon of the late 13th century.

nevickij zamok 7 630 360 1537954760 2176

- Excursion - quest "Ungvar - varish." Varish in Transcarpathia are called cities, and each of them has its own unique history. On the western outskirts of Ukraine on the border with Slovakia is located  Uzhhorod - the regional center of Transcarpathia, a city with a unique appearance and an interesting history. Old street Korzo, monuments to the Lamplighter, St. Mikolajczyk, Ferenc Liszt, catholic church of st. George, cathedral Greek Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals, the former synagogue of the Orthodox community of the Jews ... 

Uzhgorod 2 737e577 61849bf 20140904152607 6332

By the way, nothing special is needed for the quest: just a smartphone and a good mood are enough! 

In our free time in Uzhgorod we offer to visit Uzhhorod CastleMuseum of Folk Architecture and Life or one of the best art museums of Ukraine - the Museum. Joseph Bokshay. 



Transfer to the railway station. ABOUTthe train from Uzhgorod by train No. 45 to 19-50.

Arrival in Kharkov in 22-10.

The cost per person in UAH.

Cost of the Transcarpathian part of the program:

group / hotel 7 + 1 10 + 1 15 + 2 15 + 1 20 + 2 24 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 4 45 + 4
hostel (4-8 local numbers,
amenities on the floor)
4600 4400 4150 4050 4000 3900 3850 3650 3550
Hotel 2 *
(3-5-local rooms with private facilities)
4950 4750 4500 4400 4350 4250  -  -  -
Hotel 3 *
(2-3-local rooms with private facilities)
5300 5100 4850 4750 4700 4600 4550 4350 4250

Additionally, the European part of the program is calculated and paid.


railway travel (reserved seat), ticket booking, accommodation in Mukachevo in a hotel of the selected category - 3 nights, meals according to the program, transportation services, excursion services according to the program, insurance, group supervision by a representative of the tour operator.    


  • The price is valid for organized groups of 6 people.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing facilities, equipment rental, lifts, master classes, attractions, optional excursions and other additional services are paid additionally.
  • Additionally, the European part of the program is calculated and paid.

  • The program can be adjusted at the request of the customer. The tour can be miscalculated for any number of days.
  • The price of the tour can vary depending on the program, the length of the transport service, the level of the hotel, the schedule and cost of the railway passage, high or low season, etc.
  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.

  • To cross the state border, you must have a biometric passport abroad.
  • In the event that a child travels without parents or with one parent, it is necessary to issue notarized authorizations for the child's departure abroad to the head of the group.


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