Carpathian adagio. Eco - resort Izki

 The village of Izki is an old village of Boikovskoye, and now the main eco-resort of Mizhhirya is an ideal place for rest, relaxation and solitude in the Carpathians.

Ekokurort offers its guests a variety of leisure activities:

  • restaurants, kolyby with national Ukrainian and European cuisine;
  • rope hoist length 950 m;
  • two-chair lift length 1 000 m;
  • snowcat and artificial dressing of snow tracks;
  • equipment rental, school skiers;
  • riding a quad bike;
  • horseback riding;
  • master classes - cheese making, soap making, pottery;
  • souvenir market;
  • other dispensations

Want to spend a few days alone with yourself, God and nature? Then you here - in Izki!

In the program of the tour: railway travel from Kharkov, transport - excursion service, accommodation in Izkakh in a comfortable hotel, meals, excursions in the Carpathians, horseback riding and quad biking, ski slopes, master classes.


Volovets - Podobovets - Borzhava - Shypot - Arpad line - Synevir - Play - Kolochava - Tustan - Kamenka - Skhodnitsa

Duration of the tour

from 3 days



Type of tour


Excursion program

            Departure by train from Kharkov by train № 46 in 12-28 

1 day  Meeting tourists in Volovets in 11-39. Transfer to Izki (35-40 minutes), accommodation. Lunch.

 9 3

 The village of Izki, an old Boyko village, and now the main eco-resort of Mizhgirya, is located in the valley of the Repinka River, not far from such ski resorts as Volovets, Pylypets and Podobovets. In the northeast, the Verkhovynsky Dividing Range rises, from where numerous Carpathian streams originate. In the southeast of Izok there is Polonina Borzhava, famous for its beauty. In the vicinity of the village you can admire the mountains Zhid-Magura, Midyanitskaya Yalina, Rusky Verkh, Golitsa. And lovers of alpine skiing have long chosen the Magura slopes, on which trails and lifts are equipped.

Free time to explore the eco-resort.

Uzor NU

2-3 day Breakfast. Holiday at the eco-resort

Optional excursion programs * are offered: 

- Excursion "Shipot Falls and Borzhavski poloniny".  The route passes through winding roads of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Tourists will hear the mysterious legends of the mountainous region, they will see a wonderful panorama of the mountains, turbulent streams of rivers, picturesque waterfall Shipot, ancient wooden architecture, will become familiar with the life of modern Verkhovyns. On the chairlift you can climb to the incredible beauty of the Borzhavsky Polonin, which opens from Mount Gumba, and there, above, feel like a real highlander drinking a hot wine (for children - tea from poloninsky herbs) in the mountain "Chayovna" above the precipice.
10 8

12 2

- Excursion "Line Arpad". Let's look at the Carpathians as the line that some armies from time immemorial have tried to defend, while others overcome. So it was many times in these lands. The last war left defensive structures, which for a long time were considered impregnable: the bunkers, which were supposed to block narrow roads along the valleys of mountain rivers, concrete ridges, an underground bunker, which could accommodate an infantry battalion ... Visiting bunker of the Arpad Line in with. Upper Grabivnytsya - the largest of the surviving bunkers of the Second World War. From this military-historical object of the Hungarian Royal Army (Magyar Honvédség) is preserved about 1 kilometers of underground tunnels.

- Excursion "Synevir + Bear Center" *... Mountain Lake Synevyrwhich people call the Sea Eye is one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. The route to it passes through the Volcanic and between the Poloninsky and the Dividing Ranges of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The rehabilitation center of the brown bear "Synevyr" is the only such center in Ukraine. They bring bears here that have been mistreated by previous owners. Bears are taught to adapt to the natural conditions of life. This place will impress any tourist and will not leave anyone indifferent.

 11 1

- excursion to the ski resort «Play"*. Fill yourself with the inner harmony of nature and rejuvenate at home.or ski complex near the village of Plavia, in the Skole district of the Lviv region. On the territory of the complex are the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, the Museum of Boykivsky and Hutsul cultures, a spa center, a well-developed infrastructure of ski slopes, ski lifts, kolyb.

- Excursion "Journey on the Carpathian tram" *. Moving in with. Benefit. An amazing journey through a narrow-gauge railway - the Carpathian railway, along the Carpathian labyrinths, stunning mountain views and landscapes: the Gorgan rocks, swamps, bridges, waterfalls, etc.

 7 4

- Excursion "Tustan-Kamenka" *.  Near the village of Urich we visit picturesque Uritsky rocks, where once there was an Old Russian fortress Tustan. You can see the remains of an artificial wall, caves, stairs, rock corridors. From the rock walls of the former fortress a magnificent panorama of the Carpathians and the environs opens. To date, the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Tustan" has been established here.

Waterfall Kamenka - one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Carpathians, located in the National Natural Park "Skolivskie Beskydy."

- Excursion to the balneological resort Skhidnytsya *. The resort Skhidnytsia is also called small "Switzerland". Everything is here: priceless mineral waters "Naftusya"beautiful nature, clean air, more than 16 years of successful medical practice, individual Action wellness procedures.

- Excursion "At the foot of the Borzhava Polonins" *. In the vicinity of the village Bronka, at the foot of the virgin Borzhavsky polonin, trout fishing in trout farming, acquaintance with the unique Borzhavskaya narrow-gauge railway, riding a motorcycle railway, visiting a farm, where the current water mill has been preserved, is a unique exhibit.

The main highlight of this tour - certainly the famous narrow gauge railway "Kushnitska Gantsya"... At the beginning of the twentieth century, Austrian engineers laid narrow-gauge railway lines in the deep Carpathian wilds. Borzhava narrow-gauge railway with a track width of 75 cm and a length of 123 km was put into operation in 1908 for the export of beech timber from the slopes of the mountain valleys of Borzhava and Velikiy Dil. Having moved to the city of Irshava and transferred to an open motorcycle trolley, we will begin our acquaintance with the unique railway. You will give yourself a sea of ​​emotions: a light whistle of the breeze, the sound of wheels on old rails and enchanting Carpathian landscapes.

- Excursion to Kolochava * - the longest village in Ukraine (40 km!) and one of the most famous! In it you will find 10 museums, 20 monuments, 20 various attractions and entertainment.
5 6
Visit Museum - Skansen "The Old Village", which presents the original life of the highlanders of that time. Try to open the house yourself with wooden keys, chop the wood with a hand saw, write the letter with a slate on a stone dostichke, sit in an old sauna, take a picture against the backdrop of the last Carpathian pinch, feel like a prisoner in a Hungarian prison ....

Visit to the military-historical Museum "Arpad Line": a unique collection of weapons of the Second World War, real bunkers.

In the parish school, a strict clerk-teacher will teach a lesson and teach religious rules. For disobedience can shlopotat and rods!

At leisure, you can visit the Kolochavsky narrow-gauge museum, the wood and alloy museum Kolochavsky bokorash, the UPA bunker, the parrot and pigeon farm, ride on the trolley, go to the fir, cross the river in the trough, soak in hot water vats, visit the trout economy or kolyba-museum.


Uzor NU

4 day Breakfast.

Relaxation. Eviction from numbers according to the estimated time (up to 12-00). Free time.

Departure from the hotel. Transfer to the Volovets station. Departure by train number 46 at 22-40

             Arrival in Kharkov in 22-10.

The cost per person in UAH.

Cost 3-day tour:
group / hotel 5 + 1 10 + 1 15 + 2 16 + 1 21 + 2 24 + 2 35 + 3 40 + 4
(2-4-local rooms with private facilities)
4150 3750 3450 3350 3300 3200 3150 3050

Cost 4-day tour:

group / hotel 5 + 1 10 + 1 15 + 2 16 + 1 21 + 2 24 + 2 35 + 3 40 + 4
(2-4-local rooms with private facilities)
4850 4450 4150 4050 4000 3900 3850 3750


railway travel (reserved seat), booking tickets, hotel accommodation in a. Izki, meals according to the program, transport services, insurance, curation of the group by the representative of the tour operator.     


  • The price is valid for organized groups of 6 people.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing facilities, equipment rental, lifts, master classes, attractions, optional excursions and other additional services are paid additionally.

  • The program can be adjusted at the request of the customer. The tour can be miscalculated for any number of days.
  • The price of the tour can vary depending on the program, the length of the transport service, the level of the hotel, the schedule and cost of the railway passage, high or low season, etc.
  • The price of the tour is not valid in the New Year-Christmas period and the high season.

  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • For adult groups, it is possible to miscalculate a tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov.


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