European masterpiece. 5 days, 3 countries, 1000 impressions

Author's tour to Europe for children's groups and corporate customers. We live throughout the tour in a hotel in Debrecen, relax and bathe in thermal springs, visit immediately 3 countries - Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

By choosing this tour, you get:

- 5 days of relaxation in the popular thermal resort of Debrec;

- visit to the aquatic complex "Aquaticum";

- The valley is handsome and Eger is one of the oldest towns in Hungary;

- the incredible Romanian charm of the streets of Oradea;

- Kosice - the cultural capital of Slovakia;

Why three countries? Four! After all, the tour begins and ends in our beloved Ukraine!

Attention! For children's groups - special offer 5 + 1!

In the program of the tour:  transfer Mukacheve - Debrecen - Mukacheve, Sightseeing tour of Debrecen, excursions to Eger and the Valley of Beauties, Oradea, Kosice, an aquapark and thermal baths, tastings of Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian wines, paperwork, insurance.


Mukachevo - Debrecen - Eger - Valley of the Beauties - Oradea - Kosice

Season of rest

all year round

Duration of the tour

5 days

Visa, documents

For a trip to Europe, citizens of Ukraine should have only a biometric passport.


hotel "EUROPANZIO" (Debrecen), 2-3-local rooms with private facilities, free parking, free wi-fi, playground, barbecue, gazebo. The hotel is conveniently located on the main street of the city at 5 minutes from the center and from the bathing area.

panzio01 panzio02
panzio03 panzio04
panzio05 panzio06
panzio07 panzio08


European breakfast in the hotel



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

Debrecen Resorts

On the territory of the "Big Forest" in Debrecen are located the resort complex, the Aquaticum Thermal Complex, Amusement Park, the Zoo, the University of Debrecen, the University Botanical Garden, the Pond where you can go boating, and the so-called Froggy rates.

Closely associated with the thermal bathing beach with 6-y pools and a unique in Hungary, a covered Mediterranean bathing entertainment, built in the summer of 2003. The atmosphere of the southern resort is created not only by rare tropical plants, but also by all kinds of hills, bathing caves, hydromassage pools, geysers, stream rivers, waterfall, climbing wall, children's paddling pools, 11 slides of various shapes and other entertainment elements.

Local warm thermal alkaline-chloride, hydrocarbonate, iodine, bromine, sodium-brine water with a temperature up to 63C contains a large amount of calcium, magnesium and metaboric acid.

Debrecen medicinal water is recommended for the treatment of the following diseases:

- chronic inflammation of the joints;

- Bekhterov's disease;

- diseases of the spine, gout;

- rheumatism, chronic inflammation of the tendon sheath, tennis elbow;

- neuralgia, cartilage disc problems; narrowing of the joints;

- problems of the musculoskeletal system after traumas, orthopedic diseases;

- paralysis; some skin diseases;

- chronic inflammatory female diseases, some forms of infertility, menopause;

chronic diseases of the respiratory tract.

Contraindications Debrecen bath:

- acute inflammatory diseases, high fever,

- infectious diseases, tuberculosis;

- malignant tumors;

- heart failure, high blood pressure;

- Pregnancy; hyperthyroidism

- state of intoxication.

Excursion program

1 day  Meeting of tourists в Mukachevo. Breakfast. Departure to Hungary.

Crossing the border of Ukraine with Hungary. Moving to. Debrecen (165 km.).

Hotel accommodation. 

City tour of Debrecen. Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary. This city is known for its Nagyordio Park (Big Forest), which operates a large thermal spas. This is one of the most popular resorts in the country. Among the sights of the city - the oldest in the country operating hotel "Golden Bull", the building of the city municipality in the style of classicism, the Greek Catholic Church, the Cathedral of St. Anna, the Dery Museum and an old mill. Debrecen twice was the capital of Hungary. The pride of the city is the largest Reformed cathedral in the country.

debrecen00 debrecen001

Possibility visits bathing and water park в Debrecen.
debrecen01 debrecen03

Uzor NU

2 day  Зbuster In a hotel.

Excursion "Eger and the Valley of Beauties "

On the way to Eger, we pass Hortobadi (Hungary's largest national park), Lake Tisza, which is the second largest in the country after Lake Balaton, at the entrance to Eger we are surrounded by vineyards on all sides.

Eger is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of Hungary. The main highlight of the city is old castle и only in the middle A minaret to Europe. In Eger there is an opportunity to visit the museum marzipans.
eger01 eger02eger03 eger04
Hungry? Time to visit the Valley of the Beauties. Here you can not only taste wines from private cellars, but also try delicious goulash (lunch and tasting of Hungarian wines - extra charge)

Return to Debrecen. Free time to visit the baths and water park.

Uzor NU

3 day Breakfast. Departure to Romania in Oradeu.

Tour «Enchanting Oradea».

Oradea (Oradea) - city, astounding gaze its architecture. Manifold baroque и secession Forms no one will not leave indifferent. "Moonlight church", alleys the palace "The black Eagle", city Town Hall - here far from full list objects, that we will see. Well, the most important impression is incredible румынский charm small small streets!
oradea 1165711 1 oradea 1165711 7

Uzor NU

4 day Breakfast. Free day. The possibility of visiting the bathing houses in Debrecen and the water park.

 debrecen02 debrecen04

Uzor NU

5 day   Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel. Transfer to Slovakia in Kosice.

Excursion "Kosice - the pearl of Slovakia"

Kosice - once one of the largest free cities in the Kingdom of Hungary, one of the most important trade and political centers of Central Europe Xiii- XVIII centuries. Now it is the second largest city in Slovakia. In 2013, Kosice was officially proclaimed the European cultural capital.

We can join the glorious past and present during a walking tour of the central part of the city. You will see the Cathedral of St. Algeria (1345-1508 gg.) - One of the most beautiful Gothic temples in the world, the Gothic tower-bell tower of St. Urbana (16th century), City Theater, plague column (1723), a unique singing fountain throughout Europe.
kosice 843247 3 kosice glavnaya 00 1600x1046

Free time in the center of the city.

Departure to Ukraine. Crossing the border. Transfer to the railway station of Mukachevo

The end of the tour. Group departure

The cost per person in UAH.

275 Є - with group 18-20 people

325 Є - special offer for children's groups according to the 5 + 1 system


  • Transport service according to the program;
  • Accommodation in the hotel "EUROPANZIO" (Debrecen) - 4 nights;
  • Meals - 5 breakfasts;
  • 4 tours of Hungary, Romania and Slovakia;
  • Escort of tourists;


Entrance tickets, additional services are paid additionally:

    - t
Terminals with sauna center and salt room - 8 / day,
    - as
a vapark with a sauna center and a salt room - 10  / day

- tasting in one of Eger's wine cellars - 18 / person;
    - dinners (from 8 to 18 / person)
railway travel


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