Corporate party in the Carpathians. Spa relaxation in Truskavets

New 2020 of the year! The best vacation is a Spa vacation in the Carpathians, which is accompanied by wellness and excursions! Lviv, Synevyr, Skhidnytsia, castles of Lviv region.

Truskavets - a city in which rests not only with the body, but also with the soul, it is known for its healing waters and health centers, one of which is SPA hotel Geneva by visiting which you have many opportunities and various services.

Sanatorium Geneva is a universal complex, which combines all the necessary resources for a comfortable and active holiday. 

- 4 hotel buildings with a total number of rooms in 344 comfortable rooms, in which all conditions have been created for a comfortable stay and guests; 

- a large Swedish line that provides a wide range various dishes for every taste and for different culinary preferences;

- also on territory the sanatorium has two restaurants: Italian and Georgian cuisine, in which guests have the opportunity to try specialties; 

- there is a modern medical center on the territory of the hotel; 

- among the main advantages of the hotel is one of the largest SPA centers in Ukraine with an area of ​​7000 m2, which contains 18 saunas and 11 pools and a jacuzzi, including an open-air heated pool.

In the program of the tour: railway travel from Kharkov, transport and excursion services, accommodation in Truskavets in a comfortable hotel, full board buffet meals, access to the spa complex (18 saunas and 11 pools and a jacuzzi, including an open-air pool with heated water ), excursion around Lviv


Kharkov - Lviv - Truskavets - Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region - Synevyr - Pochaev - Lviv - Kharkov

Resort Features

It is in a beautiful, vibrant Truskavets city, Lviv region There are many different recreation facilities, including the sanatorium Geneva. Truskavets - a city in which rests not only with the body, but also with the soul, it is known for its healing waters and health centers, one of which is SPA hotel Geneva by visiting which you have many opportunities and various services that are included in the package ALL SPA.

Duration of the tour

3-5 days


Royal Promenad Hotel - An ideal option to relax and improve, the hotel is located in Western Ukraine on the territory of the Truskavets balneological resort, which has gained worldwide fame thanks to the sources of healing mineral waters.

Standard double
3780968 Double room 2

Double room 3 Delux bath room

Area: 17 sq.m.
Number of rooms in the room: bedroom bathroom
Maximum Room Capacity: 2 person
Other: TV, minibar, safe, electric kettle, bathrobe, slippers, bath accessories.

One room with an area of ​​17 sq.m., provides for single or double occupancy (large double bed or two single beds), bathroom (shower or bath), flat-screen TV, minibar, safe, electric kettle, bathrobe, slippers, bathroom accessories.



Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

konsultaciya vrachey miniralnaya voda

Hotel Medical Base Royal Promenad provides a wide range of balneological, massage, physiotherapeutic, gynecological, dental procedures under the supervision of experienced professionals using modern equipment.

The main principle of the work of the sanatorium "Geneva" is an integrated approach to the treatment of each patient using the healing power of natural spa factors: (mineral waters for internal and external use, ozokerite), the use of the latest equipment, and consultation of qualified specialists.

- Medical consultations;
- Diagnostics;
- Mineral water;
- Healing procedures;
- Cosmetology;
- Dentistry.

Treatment in the sanatorium "Geneva" will help get rid of problems with diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, liver and biliary tract, gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system.


Among the main advantages of the hotel is one of the largest SPA centers with an area of ​​7000 m2, which contains 18 saunas and 11 pools and a jacuzzi, including an open-air pool with heated water, the hotel also has:
  • welness center,
  • gym,
  • bowling,
  • billiards,
  • squash courts
  • gym,
  • conference rooms
  • restaurants

Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov to Lviv by train number 46 to 12-37.
Uzor NU

1 day Arrival in Lviv at 8-09. Meeting the group at the station. Transfer of the group to the center.

Walking sightseeing tour of Lviv "The streets of the old Of Lviv". Ancient buildings, cathedrals, parks, fortifications. The unique medieval part of the city, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Market SquareLatin catheld, the church of Boim, the bell tower of Kornyakt, Dominican Cathedral... Fascinating stories about the famous people who created the history of Lviv, tales, legends, historical curiosities. Unique corners of ancient Lviv - Italian and Armenian courtyards. 

dominikanskay lvov003

Transfer to Truskavets, check into a hotel.

Dinner/Dinner (Buffet)

Leisure time

Uzor NU

2, 3 day Breakfast lunch dinner (Buffet). Spa relaxation at the hotel.

Aqua zone

Sports pool
Size 10 x 25 m, depth - 1,4 m.
3177085 007

Indoor Jacuzzi
Water temperature is 36-37 degrees, hydromassages are ascending, horizontal, vertical, sessile, lying.
aqua zone spa33

Exterior outdoor pool with hydromassage and outdoor whirlpool
Swimming in the thermal water in the open air will bring you a lot of pleasure. Depth 1,5 m, as well as represented: 4 hydromassage, 2 geyser, horizontal hydromassage and hydromassage gun.
Geneva gl1

Dead Sea Water Pool
Two pools with Dead Sea water and absolutely identical performance with an unusually high concentration of minerals. The use of these baths is recommended for activating the receptor function of the skin; they affect the enrichment of microelements in the tissues of the heart, liver, skeletal muscles, joint tissues.

Japanese ofuro
Three bathtubs with different water temperatures 40-47-7 degrees. A kind of Japanese bath. It greatly stimulates the immune system, accelerates blood circulation, and helps normalize the functioning of the nervous system. First take a warm bath (3-5 min), drop sharply into cold, then hot in 20-30 sec. , again in the cold and then in the warm bath you can sit 10-15 min.

Pool in the Russian bath area
Water temperature 7-9 degrees. It is used as part of bath procedures.

Детский бассейн
Water temperature 34-36 degrees, depth 90 and 45 cm.
It is recommended that children under 9 years old bathe only in the children's pool.

67eb6c7d2dDSC 9093

Bath complex

Roman steam room - This is a bath with the highest possible relative humidity, about 100%. A thick ball of steam gently envelops the body and gently warms it, gradually relaxing all the muscle clamps, giving vigor and efficiency. The whole body is filled with warm and airy moisture.

Hamam - Turkish bath
In the Turkish sauna, sunbeds and floors are heated to 36 ° C, and the humidity is 65-80%. Turkish hammam is recommended for chronic respiratory diseases, various colds and osteochondrosis. The temperature in the hammam is not as hot as in ordinary baths and is perfect for people who can not tolerate high temperatures.

The air temperature in the sanarium from 45 to 60 ° C and humidity 20-55% have a very gentle effect on blood circulation. Sanarium can be considered a kind of Finnish sauna. The milder temperature regime of the sanarium and not so much humidity, in comparison with the Finnish sauna and steam room, create a surprisingly relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Infrared sauna
The temperature is quite low - 45-60 ° C, and humidity - 5-10%.
A regular visit to the infrared sauna gives not only pleasant sensations, but also has a therapeutic and cosmetic effect on the human body. The unique but natural process of perspiration guarantees luxurious skin care, as well as restores and cleanses it. You are energized, your health is improving.

Russian sauna
A real Russian bath is known for its hot steam. The temperature of the air with water vapor reaches up to 70-95 ° C. Based on tradition, it is built exclusively of wood and stone. The Kamenka, in the center of the bath, allows you to heat up at will, where, based on the height of the bench, the temperature ranges from 60 ° С and the maximum temperature at the ceiling is 90 ° С. The process itself continues in time up to 15 minutes. In the first half, the body begins to warm up and sweat is only slightly released. By the 10 minute, especially with massage with steamed brooms, sweating increases. The broom has always been considered an integral attribute of the Russian bath. With its help, the pores open and clean faster, and volatile leaves kill pathogenic microbes in the leaves.
After the bath, it is recommended to cool down and go through this procedure several times. At your service is a swimming pool, the water temperature in which is 7-9 ° С. A favorable hardening of the body is guaranteed to you.

Aroma-sauna is a specially equipped room with air temperature 75-80 ° С and humidity 5 ° С. A visit to the aroma sauna is a gradual warming up of the body with intense sweating. Due to what, toxins and toxins are easily removed from the human body, while the cardiovascular system is practically not exposed to stress.
Aromatherapy has healing properties that have a beneficial effect on well-being and has a relaxing effect; virtually no side effects. Indispensable for a depressed person, neurosis, fatigue.

Cedar Sauna
Cedar sauna has a miraculous effect on the body and human condition. During your stay in the sauna, you feel the life-giving power of Siberian cedars, the wood of which contains essential oils and substances that help increase vital energy, and resin extracts of this tree have long helped in the treatment of colds and respiratory system diseases. In a cedar sauna, air humidity reaches 100%, and air temperature - 45-50 ° С.

Uzor NU

3, 4 day Breakfast lunch dinner. (Buffet) Spa relaxation at the hotel.

Optional day trips from Truskavets are offered:

- "Excursion to Urich and Skhidnitsa". Price from 200 UAH / person. One of the short but interesting excursions to the nearby Carpathians with acquaintance and tasting of the mineral waters of Skhodnitsa resort, the Saints Beskydy national park and the remains of the Tustan fortress (12 century). A walk along the rock massif, the former pagan altar, beautiful panoramas of the Carpathians and the source of holy water. Free time. At the request of Boykovskaya cuisine.

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- Excursion "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region"Price from 380 UAH / person The tour program includes: a visit to the three medieval castles of Polish kings. The peculiar architecture of the castle structures, antique furniture and art galleries, bastions and terraces, the Chinese Palace. Thousands of tourists from Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc. visit castles every day.

pidkova lvivschyny sm 8489 800x600 podgoreckij zamok

- Excursion "about Synevyr". Price from 430 UAH / person Lake Synevyr is one of the largest and deepest alpine lakes in the Carpathians. An excursion to this fabulous corner is one of the best in the summer. In the program: acquaintance with the life of the Transcarpathian Hutsuls. Goshevsky Monastery, five Carpathian passes, cable car, carbonated mineral waters, high Carpathian meadows, mountain rivers and waterfalls, Hutsul huts and wooden architecture. Hutsul cuisine.

sinevir0005 3

Uzor NU

5 day Breakfast. (Buffet) 

Transfer to the station. Departure to Kharkov by train № 112 in 14-30.
Uzor NU
Arrival in Kharkov to the railway station in 10-23.

The cost per person in UAH.

Days / Group 46 + 3 25 + 2 16 + 2 7 + 1
3x day tour 3470 3650 3800 4250
4 days tour 4300 4500 4680 5150
5x day tour 5150 5350 5570 6050


- railway passage (reserved seat); 
- Curation of the group by the representative of the tour operator;
- excursion service in Lviv;
- transport service according to the program;
- Accommodation in 2 local room; 
- meals breakfast, lunch, dinner "buffet"; 
- dinner in the Italian and Georgian restaurants on the à la carte menu;
- unlimited SPA-center (pools, jacuzzi, baths, saunas, an outdoor pool in the fresh air, salt room, children's area); 
- unlimited gym; 
- basic treatment in your own medical center, consultations of doctors of different profiles; 
- free WI-FI; 
- pump room with mineral waters at the hotel; 
- free parking; 
- insurance.


  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • The tour is valid for groups of at least 8 people. At the request of customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group, the cost of rail travel, high or low season, etc.
  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • Entrance tickets to visited facilities, optional events, master classes, tastings are paid additionally. 
  • For adult groups, it is possible to miscalculate a tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov.


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