White mountains, blue sky. Winter High Carpathians

We invite you to winter High Carpathians, to a fairy tale of snow-covered forest, to the land of majestic spirits and proud Hutsuls. All legends of the Carpathians in one round: Yaremche, Yasinya, Bukovel, Dragobrat and much more! Tour to the Carpathians from Kharkov!

Why we recommend this winter tour to the Carpathians:

- it is here in the heart of the Carpathians that you can observe real Hutsul traditions - St. Nicholas Day, Christmas;

- Christmas carols, mummers, dens, elders with trembits - everything is for you;

- you will live in Yasinya in the immediate vicinity of Bukovel;

- here harmoniously combines the primordial nature of Carpathian nature with developed infrastructure;

- you will have the opportunity to travel through Transcarpathia and Prykarpattya;

- you are waiting for a variety of tastings, entertainment, saunas, salt rooms;

- Well, of course skiing on Bukovel and Dragobrat;

We invite you to visit the Hutsuls! Snow-covered Carpathians are waiting for you!

In the program of the tour: railway transportation from Kharkov, transport and excursion services, accommodation in the Carpathians in the village of Yasinya in comfortable hotels or gardens, food, excursions to the Carpathians, the geographical center of Europe, the Museum of Mountain Ecology in Rakhiv, the ski resort Bukovel, the mountain resort of Vorokhta, the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve ", Zhenets waterfall, Maniavsky Skeet, Kolomiya, Ivano-Frankivsk, the tract Dragobrat.


Yasinya - Rakhiv - Bukovel - mountain meadow Peppers - Kolomyia - Dragobrat - Vorokhta - Yaremche - Ternopil

Season of rest


Duration of the tour

4-5 days


Tourist complex "Tisa"

Large renovated tourist complex on the shore of the Black Tisza. All rooms after the renovation, 2-4-local, with all amenities, in the rooms TV, wi-fi, new furniture, single beds. Modern dining room after overhaul can accommodate up to 150 people. There is an assembly hall, a sauna, tennis tables, a sports ground, near a park, a stadium.

yeah tisa1

tisa2 tisa3

Hotel - Sadyba "Under the mountain"

The hotel fully justifies its name. It is located at 10 min. walk from the center, in a cozy and cozy quiet place, overlooking Bukovel. Cozy good numbers seem to be created for those who like to rest in the mountains. Opposite the house there is a spacious private sitting area, a house with a fireplace, a shashlik, a sports and a children's playground.

pod-goroy1 pod-goroy2

pod-goroy3 pod-goroy



Type of tour


Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov by train No. 46 at 12-28 to Lviv (other variants of transportation are possible: with transfer in Kiev, with a transfer in Lviv, compartment direct transportation to Yasinya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Yaremche, etc.)

1 day Group meeting in Lviv in 8-05. Road trip: Western Ukraine and its historical features, pearls of Western Podolia, Prykarpattya, Ivano-Frankivsk - ancient Stanislav - now the regional center of Prykarpattya.
ivanofr02 ivanofr03

Moving through Yablunets Pass in the Alpine Carpathian village Yasinya, hotel accommodation. Free time. Dinner.

- Optional entertainment is offered The Carpathian font *. Carpathian vats under the open sky. Under the cast-iron vats, fire burns, and thanks to the characteristics of cast iron, the water in the vats is heated and constantly maintained at a temperature of 40-42 degrees. In the rest room you can enjoy the taste of Carpathian tea, Viennese coffee, medicinal herbal tinctures. Useful and nice!

Uzor NU

2 day Breakfast.

Walking tour of Yasinyam. In the picturesque gorge on the banks of the mountain rivers Black Tisa and Lazeshchina, surrounded by the highest peaks of Ukraine - Hoverla, Petros and Bliznitsa, - spread the Hutsul village Yasinya. Mountain ridges, like sea waves, rise above the blue sky. Yasinya - the legendary capital of the Hutsul Republic, one of the most picturesque places of Transcarpathia. Yasinya is not without reason called "Heart of the Carpathians"because there is a conditional heart when looking from space, three main ridges of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Montenegrin, Svydovetsky and Gorgany. Yasinya is the most popular mountain recreation center, closest to Dragobrat and Bukovel. The village itself has a well-developed infrastructure: shops, cafes, kolyba, souvenirs, equipment hire, several drag lifts, from the sights - the sign "The Heart of the Carpathians", Kostyrivka mountain, the Arpada line, the Peter and Paul Church and Strukovskaya wooden church of the XVII century.
Yasinia1 Yasinia5

Departure to the most famous ski resort of Ukraine - Bukovel. On the new road through Yablunetsky pass to Bukovel only 12 km. Those who are looking for comfortable conditions for recreation, prepared slopes with a grass base, snow in any weather, evening lighting - on Bukovel! For those who prefer a less active active holiday, Bukovel resort offers water entertainment complexes, swimming pools, saunas, cable cars, kolyba and restaurants, numerous children's entertainments, attractions. Visiting possible museum "The hut is turned upside down."
bukov1 bukov02

New! On the way from Bukovel we suggest visiting stylized meadow “Peppers” *

This winter, in the meadow, you can: write a letter to St. Nicholas, visit his Manor and the Christmas tree Museum, learn the intricacies of cheese making in Khat Stay, shoe your happiness, make a Christmas gingerbread, New Year's spider, gift wreaths of needles and much more. Also, guests will find Hutsul cuisine on firewood according to old recipes, Hutsul luxury SPA with pepper, sledges, beginner's school. Polonina Peppers - a place where you will pamper Happiness!

Evening optional excursion "Kvasnaya Voda" *. Village Kvasses in 30 km from Yasinya - the famous resort of mineral ("kvass") waters, known since the XIX century. In total, there is 82 mineral water source in Rakhivschina. Sanatorium "Gornaya Tisa", the center of rehabilitation of cosmonauts, tasting of mineral water from the spring. Excursion to private craft brewery "Tsypa", secrets of brewing, cellars with barrels, legends about cosmonaut Gagarin and hutsul-bokorash, tasting of unique beers with light snack. Tasteful! You can additionally order a banosh, bograch, shish kebab, smoked pork ears and other yummy.
pivo01 pivo02

- Optional departure to "Polonina Peppers" *. We invite you to the stylized polonin in the village. Yablunitsa. You will be met by a gazda, will acquaint you with her farm, will show a real Hutsul hut - a flock with a water-jacket, antique Hutsuls, will reveal the secrets of making budza, vurda and brynza. Guests can enjoy tasting of cheese with homemade liqueurs, live folk music, a photo for memory in Hutsul folk clothes. For an additional fee you can order cauldron, banosh and other local delicacies, purchase souvenirs and organic products - cheese, lard, mushrooms, tinctures.

Both children and adults will find entertainment here: wooden and stone sculptures, environmental swings, sports fields, recreation areas, altars, a youth bath, health paths, Hutsul authentic huts, a hut of a dolphin, horse riding, a museum of folk instruments.

The authentic entertaining complex offers a variety of master classes: wood carving, pottery, perfidy, living, mining and metalworking: brass, bronze, copper; weaving of beads, the first in the world master class on lying in the hay and on the Hutsul sofa of happiness. Dinner.

Uzor NU

3 day Breakfast. Free day. TI want to get acquainted with the Carpathians and Transcarpathia, we offer a variety of optional excursions:

- "Manyavsky Skeet - "Carpathian Mount Athos" *. Maniavsky monastery - the ancient ascetic monastery of the Eastern rite, nicknamed the "Carpathian Athos", is located on the territory of the botanical reserve, in the very thick of the Carpathian Gorgan, on the bank of the river. Manyacles. According to legend, it was founded by monks who fled from Kiev in 1240. Walking tour to the Blessed Stone - a small cave, which was the first refuge of monks; one of the most beautiful in the Ukrainian Carpathians - Manyavsky waterfall.
manyavskiy-monastyir-zima manyavskiy-monastyir-zima1

- "Hutsulsky Paris and the center of Europe" *. A picturesque road meanders along the largest water artery of Transcarpathia - Tisza, which forms the border between Ukraine and Romania. We walk along the central street of Rakhiv, we will visit the Church of St. John of Nepomuk, Europe’s only museum of mountain ecology and the Museum of Hutsul carving in Rakhiv, Trufanets waterfall, The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, Geographic center of Europe in the village of Dilove, kolyba museum. Here is a stella with a geodesic sign, in which it is written in Latin: "A permanent, exact, eternal place. The center of Europe is set in the 1887 year, the place is measured very accurately using a special device with a scale of meridians and parallels made in Austria-Hungary."
rahov01 rahov02

- Kolomiya*. The city of Kolomyek, one of the most beautiful small towns of Galicia with the authentic architecture of the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the cradle of Western Ukrainian history. City Hall, Chornovil Avenue, Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Christ, Church of the Holy Martyr Josaphat. The world's unique and unique museum of pysunk painting, which is located in the center of the largest egg in the world (13,5 m) and has an exposition of more than 12 000 exhibits. One of the best museums in Ukraine is the National Museum of Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttya.
kolomiya01 kolomiya02

- Vorokhta*. Vorokhta is an urban-type settlement and a well-known mountain ski and climatic resort, which is located at an altitude of 850 m above sea level in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Located in the valley of the Prut River in the Carpathian National Reserve. In Vorokhta it is worth to see the wooden churches named after Peter and Paul (XVIII century) and the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1924-1925), as well as stone railway bridges built in the XIX-XX centuries, the so-called viaducts - masterpieces of technical thought Austro- Hungarian Empire. The first railroad built in this region passed through them. Walk on the chair lift.

- Verkhovyna*. Excursion to Verkhovyna - the capital of Hutsul flavor. Here, all interactive museums will tell you about the history of Hutsul and culture. Museum of Hutsul Magic, Museum of the movie “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, Museum of Cheese-making and Poloninsky Life “Khata-Staya”, Museum of Musical Instruments of Roman Kumlik, Museum of Vyshivanka by Galinka Verkhovinka, Ethnographic Center “Hutsulshchina” on the bank of Black Cheremosh, estate-museum of Hutsul life and Hutsul instruments Nicholas Illuka. Master classes for cooking banosh and playing drymbe, tasting of liqueurs and Carpathian tea in "Dedovoy pharmacy"

verxovyna01 verxovyna kumlyk 08

- Krivorivnya*. One of the oldest villages in Prykarpattya on the bank of the Cheremosh. Here they liked to come to rest and create M. Kotsiubynsky, G. Khotkevich, L. Ukrainka. It was in the vicinity of Krivorivni that Paradzhanov photographed the "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors". Visiting museums of Ivan Franko, M. Hrushevsky and "Hutsul Citizen" - Hutsul hut - a fortress in the mountains). Dinner.

Uzor NU

4 day Breakfast. Free day. We go skiing in Yasinya, Yablunitsa, Vorokhta, Bukovel, walking, exploring Hutsul cuisine and Hutsul traditions, we are resting.

Fans of mountains and skis offer optional departure to the highest mountain ski resort in Ukraine - Dragobrat. The tract Dagobrat is located at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level at the junction of coniferous forests and highland poloninas. The snow here lies from October to May. Fans of downhill skiing are waiting for 12 tow rope and chair lifts, many descents from 1000 to 2000 m. And lovers of relaxing holidays - stunning views and stunning views!

dragobrat002 dragobrat004

Dinner at the hotel.

Uzor NU

5 day Breakfast. Excursion "Hutsul Switzerland - Yaremche". On the picturesque mountain road, bypassing the Hutsul villages of Lazeshchyna, Tatariv, Yablunitsa, Mykulychyn, stopping at Yablunets Pass, we reach the goal - the high mountain resort of Yaremche.

This elegant and pretty town, spread out on the river. Prut, beautiful at any time of the year. You will learn the striking history of the Studii-Dorivsky Monastery, look at the church of St. The Prophet Elijah, the restaurant "Hutsulschyna", built without a single nail, the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Stop near the waterfall Probiy. Hutsuls sure that the places near the mountain waterfalls have a powerful energy. Near the waterfall Probiy everyone will feel it: all problems and alarms are lifted by hand. Rather, it washes away with water! A visit to the bazaar of Hutsul souvenirs, enclosures with wild animals, the park "Carpathians in miniature".
yaremche7 yaremche6

Transfer to the station in Ternopol. Departure by train number 112 from Ternopil to 19-52 (it is possible to move through Kiev, Lviv, departure from Yaremche to Kharkov, other variants of railway passage).

Arrival in Kharkov in 13-32

The cost per person in UAH.

The cost of 4-day tour (without 1-th free day):

group / period 10 + 1 15 + 2 15 + 1 20 + 2 24 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 4 50 + 4
in the period from 1.12 to 27.12 and from 15.01 to 1.03 5050 4550 4450 4250 4050 3850 3650 3450
In the period from 03.01 to 15.01 5350 4850 4750 4550 4350 4150 3950 3750

Cost of 5-day tour:

group / period 10 + 1 15 + 2 15 + 1 20 + 2 24 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 4 50 + 4
in the period from 1.12 to 27.12 and from 15.01 to 1.03 5550 5050 4950 4750 4550 4350 4150 3950
In the period from 03.01 to 15.01 5950 5450 5350 5150 4950 4750 4550 4350


railway pass (reserved seat), ticket reservation, group supervision by the tour operator representative, excursion service according to the program, transport service according to the program, hotel accommodation in rooms with private facilities, meals according to the program, insurance.


  • The price is valid for organized groups of 6 people.
  • Entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing facilities, equipment rental, lifts, optional excursions are paid additionally.

  • The program can be adjusted at the request of the customer. A miscalculation of the tour is possible for any number of days.
  • The price of the tour can vary depending on the program, the length of the transport service, the level of the hotel, the schedule and cost of the railway passage, high or low season, etc.

  • Specify the cost of the tour and additional services before booking.
  • For adult groups, it is possible to miscalculate a tour on a comfortable bus from Kharkov.
  • Possible other options for rail travel: direct train Kharkiv - Ivano-Frankivsk (compartment travel, expensive option), with transfers in Lviv or Kiev.

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