The Jeuness Falls (Hook Falls)

Zhenets waterfall is located on the mountain r. Zhenets near Tatarov at an altitude of 900 m, next to the summer residence of former Ukrainian President V. Yushchenko. Water freely falls from a height of about 15 m. Local residents call the waterfall Hook because of the powerful buzz it produces. 

This is one of the most spectacular and popular among tourists Carpathian waterfalls. Its unique feature is the age of the waterfall - it is not even hundreds of years old! This is one of the youngest waterfalls in Ukraine and all over the world! It was formed in the middle of the XNUMXth century during a rock collapse.

"Guk" in Hutsul dialect simply means "loud sound", "hail", "noise", that is, simply the equivalent of falling water, akin to the Crimean name of the waterfall "dzhur-dzhur".

Zhenetsky waterfall is beautiful at any time of the year: in the spring it is stormy and full-flowing, in the summer it is surrounded by greenery and flowering grasses, in the fall with the arrival of rains it gains strength again, and in winter the waterfall turns into a column of icicles and ice, inside which it still rumbles water flow. True, in winter, travel to it for tourist groups is almost impossible and simply dangerous.

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