Geographic center of Europe

It turns out that the very center of Europe is located in Ukraine, in Transcarpathia, 20 km from Rakhiv in the village of Delovoe on the right bank of the Tisza River. The Ukrainian-Romanian border runs along this river, and standing on the river bank, you can see and hear Romanian fishermen from the other side.

For the title of the center of Europe Rakhiv Center argues with several more geographical points, but our Center of Europe, of course, is the most impressive and beautiful.

This quiet, quiet and epitome of the beauty of Transcarpathia was named the center of Europe in 1885 year. Then these territories were part of Austria-Hungary, and Austrian geographers discovered that it is here that the central point of continental Europe is located. In 1887, to mark an important geographical coordinate at the foot of the mountain, an 2-meter stone monument with an inscription indicating the following was installed: "A constant, accurate, eternal place. The special apparatus manufactured in Austria and Hungary is very accurate, with a scale of parallels and meridians, here is the Center of Europe in 1887. " By the way, in Soviet times these measurements were fully confirmed.

In addition to memorable signs, there is a museum - a restaurant with national cuisine, where household items, national clothes, tools of the Hutsuls - the indigenous inhabitants of the Carpathians, are presented, and even all the huts were built in accordance with the canons of Hutsul architecture.

Since only a few meters from here the Romanian territory, it is necessary to travel with you to these places with documents that prove your identity.

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