Cozy Transcarpathian resort town Beregovo is located on the bank of the river Verke among the mountains and vineyards. Berehove district is the warmest region of Transcarpathia, and Berehove is the westernmost city of Ukraine, close to Europe.

Beregovo is known all over the world for its ancient traditions of viticulture. There is a huge number of ancient buildings, beautiful temples and other architectural masterpieces. The predominant population of Beregovo is Hungarians. 

In the center of the city, on Ferenc II Rákóczi Square, there is a very beautiful palace, which is popularly called "Casino Bereg". The magnificent administrative building of the City Court is also of architectural interest. But the main attractions of Beregovo are the Old Basement and thermal pools.

The old pool was built in the 60-s of the last century as a sports base. Later found that the local water has medicinal properties. It can alleviate the course of diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems, female ailments, respiratory apparatus diseases. In the pool water comes from a hot spring with a temperature of 53 degrees, after which it is cooled to 35 degrees. In addition to the pool of CSS "Transcarpathia", now in Beregovo are open and other more modern and comfortable swimming pools, hydropathic and water-entertainment complexes.

In the Old Cellar, vintage wines are made from elite grapes according to ancient traditions (using aging in oak barrels). The basement itself and these barrels seem to keep the romance of the Middle Ages. The old cellar is located in a mountain along which the borders of the Roman Empire once ran. All tastings of Beregovo Transcarpathian wines are held here. 

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