Kremenets is a small town in Galichina, which lies in the middle of the Kremenets Mountains on the bank of the Irva River. The name comes from flint - a mineral, which is in large quantities present in the rock.

It is interesting that for its history Kremenets belonged to six different countries: Galicia-Volyn, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Russian Empire, USSR, and from 1991 - Ukraine.

With its relief and architectural silhouettes, Kremenets resembles the Austrian foothills of the Alps. If it were several times larger, it could compete with such tourist centers as Lviv or Kamenets. A stunning view of the city opens from the castle mountain, towering over Kremenets. In essence, Kremenets itself was born from it.

The symbol of Kremenets is a Jesuit twin-towered church that combines Baroque and rococo style architecture. In the old days, the Jesuit collegium was located in the outbuildings of the church, and at the beginning of the 19th century the Volyn Higher Gymnasium. And of course the majestic ruins of the castle of Queen Bona on Castle Hill, because of which Here the flow of tourists does not run out at any time.

Kremenets is the birthplace of the great Polish poet Juliusz Slowacki. The Polish poet was born in Kremenets at the time when he was still Poland, and the city is found and remembered in the poems of the poet quite often, always with love, tenderness and nostalgia.



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