Cathedral of Saint Jura

Cathedral of St. George in Lviv - one of the symbols of the city - built in the style of magnificent Baroque by B. Meretin's project. The facade is decorated with a monumental sculpture of the outstanding Lviv sculptor John Pinzel.

The figure of St. George the Victorious - the patron of not only the cathedral, but all of Lviv - rises above the cathedral. The temple is set in the princely city, in the place of the cave where the hermits lived in ancient times. To the temple is a stone terrace with two staircases and balustrades. Under the stairs is the cave of St. Onufry in memory of hermits living here.

An ancient bell on the bell tower reminds of ancient times. In the Old Slavonic language, it is written in Cyrillic on it: "In le [to] 6849 [1341] the solilo was a bell to this saint Yuri under Princes Dmitri."

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