Yablunitsa - Carpathian mountain village of Yaremche district of Ivano-Frankivsk region, one of the most popular mountain resorts in Ukraine

Yablunitsa is a high mountain ski and climatic resort of the Carpathians, which is located at an altitude of 960 m above sea level, in the Carpathian National Park. The village is everywhere mountainous and is surrounded by the Carpathian mountains, namely, from the south by Chernogoroy, the tops of Goverla and Petros (2026), from the east by Magura (1313), from the west by the mountain peaks of Dovbushanka (1757), Popadeyu, and from the north the hamster tops which (1542).

it is difficult to officially determine the exact date of the village's foundation. In the historical annals about Delyatino it is referred to as Sloboda Yablunitsa in 1686. The name of the village is derived from the name of Yablunitsa Mountain (1008), from where the so-called Yablunetsky Prutets stream flows, which flows through the entire village. The second historical name of the village is "Tatar pass" - the lowest and most accessible place in the mountain ridge or massif.

Yablunitsa stretches for 12 km. to Yablunetsky pass, mainly on both sides of the Ivano-Frankovsk - Uzhgorod highway, in addition, individual buildings are located on the tops of the hills 2-3 km apart. The village of Yablunytsya is interesting because it is not divided into streets, but divided into sections - hills, gruni. There are 11 such gruns in total. Each grun has its own name, and each grun name is associated with some legend or tradition that interprets a particular name: Mikulinka, Sredniy, Teterinka, Potoki, Goroshkov, Magurka, Dovgy, Grun, Dil, Voronenko, Rozgil.

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