Lychakiv Cemetery

The Lychakiv necropolis is a monument of Ukrainian history and culture, which since 1991 has received the status of a memorial and historical museum-reserve. Lychakiv Cemetery is located in the historical part of Lviv, not far from Rynok Square.

Lychakov is one of the oldest existing cemeteries in Europe. The first burials date back to 1786 year. Lychakivka is about 400 thousand burials, about 2 thousand crypts and more 500 sculptures and tombstones.

The territory of the cemetery is huge, here you can meet the graves and crypts of prominent figures of culture, science and art, among them Ivan Franko, Solomiya Krushelnytska, Markiyan Shashkevich, Ivan Krepyakevich, Stefan Banach, Sigmund Gorgolevsky.

At the Lychakiv Cemetery St. Nicholas Chernetsky was buried, whom during his lifetime he was considered a miracle worker. On his grave often come people with different requests. They pray and gain ground from his grave, which heals from illnesses and helps in life troubles. Therefore, the workers of the cemetery have to pour the earth on his grave from time to time.

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