School and student groups

Dear teachers, teachers, students, leaders of trade union organizations, parents! The "Navigator Ukraine" tour operator offers a wide range of various tours and leisure in Ukraine from 4-hour sightseeing and thematic excursions around Kharkov to multi-day grand tours in Western Ukraine and Europe. In our arsenal there are many excursion programs for career-oriented, patriotic directions, there are excursions of a seasonal nature, and there are those that you can go around all year round. Every season we are pleased to offer you new uncharted routes, favorite hits, interesting promotions, gifts and much more!

Corporate customers

The "Navigator Ukraine" tour operator offers a permanent program of cooperation for collective customers: corporations, enterprises, trade unions, organizations, companies and simply friendly companies. If you want to spend a weekend together or holidays, to rally the collective, to have a rest after the "hot" season, to see the world - then call us! We are also ready to provide you with an animator for any trip, prepare a program for team building, organize any event on the road. Any form of events - "visiting seminar", "pilgrimage tour", "event organization", "transportation services", etc.

Areas of cooperation

  • bus tours around Kharkiv and region
  • bus and railway tours in Ukraine
  • excursion tours to Europe
  • summer health camps in Ukraine and Europe
  • organization of Health Days, mass trips to nature
  • organization of the Day of Civil Defense, Tourism Day, Olympic Week, school camp, etc.
  • the organization of excursions and rest to memorable dates, professional holidays, career-oriented excursions, etc.
  • organization of training practice
  • conducting seminars, corporate events

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