Interesting objects of Ukraine

Historical, architectural, natural sights of Kharkov and Ukraine

Alley of Heroes of Heaven Hundreds - a street in the Pechersk district of the city of Kiev, which runs from Independence Square and Khreshchatyk to Olginskaya and Institutskaya streets. Walking alley. On most of it, where 2014 was shot in February, memorable memorial signs and monuments in honor of the heroes of the Heavenly hundreds are located along the way.

The business card of Kiev - Andreevsky Descent - convenient and shortest way, which for a long time connects the upper and central part of Kiev with the shopping Podol (only 720 meters). For visitors of the city it is interesting with numerous historical monuments and the largest souvenir market in Kiev.


The millennial history of the ancient city of Chernigov is connected with numerous underground monasteries, which today surprise and attract tourists from all over the world. One of such amazing monasteries are the holy Antonyev caves, shrouded in secrets and fascinating legends.

Arcadia - this is the name of the most famous and most prestigious resort area of ​​Odessa, the so-called embankment, promenade, beach, hotel, and of course numerous bars, restaurants, entertainment centers and nightclubs in Odessa.

Artyomovsk Winery is the largest enterprise in Eastern Europe producing sparkling wines in the classical bottled way. The time-honored French traditions of champagne production and the latest technologies and equipment make it possible to produce sparkling wine in quality comparable to that of the best world producers.

Currently, the airport "Kharkiv" is one of the most important airports in Ukraine. The throughput is over 1600 pass / hour, and the planned passenger capacity is 800 thousand people per year, although it is worth noting that the whole year at the peak of congestion the airport will be able to receive 2 million people per year.

The source in the forest west of Babayev is named after the poet and philosopher G. Skovoroda, who repeatedly visited Babay. According to legend, while walking through the forest, the famous Ukrainian philosopher stuck a staff into the ground, and from under him he scored a cold key.

Bakot - a flooded village in the Kamenets-Podolsky district of the Khmelnytsky region. The area, where once lived about two thousand people, now strikes with magical landscapes, mysterious finds and a unique rock monastery. And here you can admire the Dniester reservoir and drink healing water from a local source.

Baturin - the hetman capital of Ukraine - is located in the territory of Bakhmach district of Chernihiv region, on the left bank of the Seim River.

Many battles were fought on the territory of the Chernigov region. Since the days of Kievan Rus Chernigov warriors were considered the best, and the city of Chernigov was in fact the capital of an ancient state.

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is one of the southern outposts of Ukraine, the mecca of tourists, a city with many thousands of years of history. The first huge ancient Greek policy Ofius existed here as far back as the 4 century BC.

Berdichev is a regional center in the Zhytomyr region, once a Polish-Jewish town with churches, monasteries, the grave of the Jewish tzadik and other sights that have survived since that time.

Cozy Transcarpathian resort town Beregovo is located on the bank of the river Verke among the mountains and vineyards. Berehove district is the warmest region of Transcarpathia, and Berehove is the westernmost city of Ukraine, close to Europe.

The Bernardine Monastery is an architectural monument of the 15 in, which preserved the features of the epoch and absorbed the history and secrets of the past.

The modern Borislav is a small town in Lviv region, where annually 4% of Ukrainian oil is mined. But not everyone knows that about 100 years ago, they extracted 5% of the world's oil!

 Resort Bukovel in with. The fasade of Ivano-Frankivsk region is a place where you can relax and get better at any time of the year. In winter, snowy mountain slopes for skiing and snowboarding are waiting for you, and in summer various kinds of active tourism, entertaining complexes, lakes are at your service.

The rocky canyon on the Gorny Tikich River near the village of Buki (border of the Cherkassy and Vinnytsia regions) is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. The canyon itself is small, about 5-kilometers in length, and this place is unique because there are the ruins of the first hydroelectric power station in Ukraine.

Unusual city name bank of the Strypy River comes from the Old Slavonic "buche", which in translation means "aspiration, depth, veshnie waters." The history of the city is very ancient: during the archaeological excavations on the Fedor Mountain, a metalwork tool was found, typical for the 3-6 tribes of the millennium BC. 

Perekop shaft, which gave the name to the city. was created here, between the headwaters of the Mzha and Kolomak rivers, back in Scythian times, and in the first half of the XII century, during the Mongol-Tatar invasion, this territory was devastated and turned into the so-called "wild field". It was here, between forests and swamps, that the Muravsky Way passed - the path from the Crimea to the Russian state, along which the Crimean and Nogai Tatars went on raids for booty and slaves.

Verkhovyna is called the center of Hutsul culture. This region is rich in legends, natural and architectural sights.

At the confluence of the Danube and the Black Sea, on the border with Romania, is the Ukrainian Venice - the city of canals and boats, fishermen and winemakers - Vilkovo.

Vinnitsa is the pearl of Podillia. And everyone who ever sees her will understand why Lesya Ukrainka called Podillya "the beauty of Ukraine." Vinnitsa uniquely combines all the advantages of a large regional center with the provincial slow pace of life.


Among the castles of Ternopil region the palace in Vishnevets occupies a special place. A luxurious palace in the style of classicism with elements of the French Renaissance was built in Vishnevets by the last of the Vishnevetsky family, the large Polish tycoon Mikhail Servatsiy.

Vladimir-Volynsky - one of the oldest cities of Kievan Rus. The first chronicle mention of the city refers to 988 year, it was at that time that the Kiev prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich sent his son Vsevolod to reign in the city. 

The Kamenka waterfall on the river of the same name is in the Skolivsky district of the Lviv region near the village of Dubina. The waterfall belongs to the national natural park "Skolivskie Beskydy" and is a geological sight and one of the most popular tourist sites.

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