Interesting objects of Ukraine

Historical, architectural, natural sights of Kharkov and Ukraine

Novgorod-Seversky is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, for the first time in written sources, it is mentioned in 1078 in the "Instruction of Vladimir Monomakh", and the city was founded in 988, when the Grand Duke Vladimir built fortresses on the Desna.


Sights of Odessa .... Odessa is in itself a tourist attraction! This city is not only with a unique unique destiny and history, but also a city with its soul, its smell, its song .....

It turns out that cinema was born in Odessa. In 1893, Odessa engineers I. Timchenko and M. Freidenberg invented and constructed the first camera in the world, which was used to shoot two films - "The Prancing Horseman" and "The Lancer"

One of the symbols of Odessa is the Odessa catacombs - a grandiose system of underground quarries of the 19th and early 20th centuries, interconnected by underground passages and labyrinths.

Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is the first theater in Odessa in terms of time of construction, significance and fame.

The blue pearl of the Carpathians is called Synevyr Lake, which seems to "hang" under the clouds, surrounded by dense fir trees. This real drop of the sea among the mountains - "Sea Eye" - is located at an altitude of 989 meters.

Ozeryans is a village well-known far beyond our region. Not far from it was found a miraculous icon, which became the main shrine of Slobozhanshchina. In place of the miraculous appearance of the face of the Mother of God, a pure spring sprang up from under the earth.

The oldest surviving castles in Lviv region is Oleskiy. This castle is located on a 50-meter hill in the southeastern part of the Buzhskaya lowland. The XNUMXth century is considered to be the time of its foundation, when the Tatar hordes destroyed the Russian settlement of Plisnesko.

Khortytsya is the largest island on the Dnieper, famous for its rich nature and numerous archaeological finds since the time of the Scythians and Pechenegs until the time of the Cossacks who in the beginning of the 16th century founded the Cossack Republic centered on the island and named it Zaporozhye.

Ostrog is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, it is more than a thousand years old, according to archaeologists, and was first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle in 1100. Initially, the city was all wooden, and therefore became an easy prey for the Tatars in the XNUMXth century. Therefore, already in the XIV century, Daniil Ostrozhsky built here the keep of the castle - "Murovanu Vezhu".

Taras Shevchenko has never been to Kharkov. But the Kharkov monument to the poet, established in 1935 year, is considered the best of the 250-sheveschenkovsky monuments in the world.

Street Kobylianska in Chernivtsi is truly a visiting card of the city. It is here that all the tourists who come to the city are in a hurry. It is worth noting that Kobylianska Street in Chernivtsi is the only pedestrian street in the city, transport rarely comes here.

The main Kharkiv park is Gorky Park - one of the favorite recreation areas of Kharkiv citizens. If we turn to the history of Gorky Park, it was founded in 1893-1895. Then he had the name of the suburban Nikolaev park. But the grand opening of the park took place already in 1907, after the trees grew here.


 Park "Aivazovskoe" (Partenit, Crimea) is open to all those who want to enjoy the beauty from March. And in the early spring there already is something to see. The second name of the well-groomed corner is Park Paradise. Many excursions from all over the coast are arranged on its territory.

The house-museum in Parkhomovka is located in the former mansion of the Count Podgorichani. In 1765, the village gave Count Catherine II. Now here is the most unique collection of paintings in the Kharkov region.

Bukovskaya hydroelectric power station. GI Petrovskogo is a small hydroelectric power station located near Buki village in the Mankovsky district of the Cherkassy region of Ukraine. It is one of the first small hydropower plants in Ukraine.

Pass Nemchich - one of the most magical corners of Ukraine. The view of the traveler from the Nemchich pass opens one of the most impressive landscapes of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

The town of Valka is bound by its name to the tract, near which it was founded. The tract was named so, because between the headwaters of the rivers Mzha and Kolomak there was a bulk shaft about 6 km in length.

Petrikovskaya painting is known in the world along with Khokhloma, in many art schools and academies are engaged in this kind of art, they conduct master classes, create handbooks on painting techniques. The village is located near Dnipropetrovsk, on one of the tributaries of the river Orel.

Petros (2 m) is one of the largest peaks of the Montenegrin ridge and all the Carpathian mountains. The steep slopes of Petros are very attractive for tourists to climb: from the top, the entire Montenegrin ridge can be seen at a glance from Hoverla itself to Popa-Ivan!

Picturesque corners tend to attract like a magnet. One of these treasures is located in the Kharkiv region - this is the Pechenezh reservoir, also known as the Saltov Sea.

Verteba Cave is the leader of the hit parades among caves: it is one of the most beautiful caves in Ukraine, the only cave museum in Ukraine, inside of which dozens of archaeological excavations of the ancient Trypillian culture are kept.

"Crystal Cave" ("Crystal", "Crystal", "Krivchanskaya") - the most famous and the most suitable for tourists visiting the cave of Podillia. 

Ukraine is the first state in Europe in its area, but there is on its vast territory a small unique museum, allowing to see with own eyes the life and architecture of all regions of the country several centuries ago.

The Market Square is the heart of Lviv, a kind of open-air museum, where the spirit of the medieval city is hovering, where every house is an architectural monument, and every centimeter of the cobblestone is shrouded in its own legend.

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