Buk canyon on the river. Mountain Tikic

The rocky canyon on the Gorny Tikich River near the village of Buki (border of the Cherkassy and Vinnytsia regions) is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. The canyon itself is small, about 5-kilometers in length, and this place is unique because there are the ruins of the first hydroelectric power station in Ukraine.

The canyon begins - right in the center of the village, near the monument to Lenin. For fans of recreation, a savage with tents has very good places to stay, the only thing is that you need to stock up on firewood in advance. The Gorny Tikich River flows in Proterozoic granites, whose age is estimated at 2 billion years, and forms a deep (up to 20 m) and narrow (20-40 m) places in the canyon, one of the ledges named after the famous Ukrainian geologist-petrograph (" Rock of Rodionov ").

Mountain Tikic along with the rivers Gniloy Tikich and Yatran enters the South Bug basin. Before the entrance to the Buk canyon, the waters of Gorny Tikich swiftly roll down from the granite blocks, thereby creating a noisy two-meter waterfall-roll Vyr. Near it in the nineteenth century a large water mill was built, from which only fragments survived.

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