Children's entertainment and training center Roshen

Confectionery factory «ROSHEN» in Vinnitsa is one of the symbols of the city. And with 22 December 2010 on the territory of the enterprise was opened a children's entertainment center. It can be visited by all comers. Today this institution is unique and so far unique in Ukraine.

Children's entertainment center "Roshen" in the city of Vinnitsa is a fully automated interactive complex! You are waited by "alive" robot, 4D cinema, fascinating travel on 4 rooms of the world of sweets where children will find codes which will help them to open storehouse with the greatest treasure of corporation Roshen - sweets.

The robot, which was developed by specialists from different countries: Belgium, England, Holland and the USA, - will tell the children about the rules of staying in the center, the history of the company, the process of making chocolate and what awaits them in the following rooms.

Do you want to know how and where chocolate appeared? How much does Roshen produce chocolate in a year? Pass the 4 quest of the room and open the safe with the biggest treasure of Roshen Corporation?

Gather friends and to us! One step and you're in the game !!

In addition, there is an 4D cinema.

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